Entry level Hermes

  1. I would like opinions on what would be a good "entry level" Hermes bag? I have never purchased one before. Thanks for the help!
  2. An Evelyne or the Picotin are super entry-level (for lack of a better term) bags. Also an Herbag is nice, or a Garden Party.
  3. Garden Party! Or Herbag.
  4. I agree with the ladies above. I started off small with a few accessories and then purchased two garden parties and the rest is history.!!
  5. i started out with a garden party! :tup:

    been going strong since......now i have a kelly, birkin, picotin (in that sequence) :sweatdrop:
  6. i like the berlingot and the trim for entry-level shoulder bags.
    but, i don't have any. i jumped straight for the heavy duty stuff, sigh.
  7. Berlingot, really? What's the retail on that?
  8. don't know cyn. i saw one today at madison and i figure, it's got to be much less than a kelly, there's not nearly as much construction on it. my guess is $1500 max? and i'm usually right on price guessing...but this time i AM only guessing. it's tiny. at least the one i saw. lookd like a LV logoless pink makeup zip bag with a small handle. too cute!!!
  9. The Jige is great too (My PM in evergrain was $1825)
  10. I thought my entry bag would be the Picotin,but after trying it on, I felt I would not be happy with it as my first Hermes bag. It just was not the signature style I wanted. After looking at the Birkin, and reseaching it more in depth, I chose to order a Birkin as my first handbag. BTW, my husband liked the Birkin's craftsmanship and appearance better than the Picotin. I still love the Picotin, and I plan to purchase one sooner or later.
  11. I think the Lindy is a good start. And you don't have to wait. There are so much colours and leathers out now. So you can decide right on the counter which feels most comfy for you.
  12. Kelly Pochette
  13. Even at "Entry Level," I would start with a classic, all leather. Mini Evelyne? Picotin MM?
  14. I agree with the Lindy suggestion. At least try it and see if it walks out with you.
  15. Do you have any specific budget? It is easier to work it out from there.