Entry Level Bags - what does it mean?

  1. I was just curious why some bags such as the Neverfull and Speedys are labelled as an entry level bag? Is it the low price, simplicity of the style, etc.?
  2. I have never heard anyone say the "entry-level bag". I guess the popularity/low price? I have no idea though...
  3. Because they're cheaper. You're entering onto the market with that brand at a lower price. Pay any lower and you won't be entering a LV store for a bag at all! I'm sure it's a price point reference.. I've been looking at buying treadmills all day, and all the online stores describe the cheapest of any range the 'entry level' machine. :yes:
  4. I believe it is called that because they are the lower priced bags. A person who is starting out with LV is more like to start with those bags because of the lower price tag. The speedy has been an "entry level" bag for many many people. Myself included!

    Actually, even after purchasing a few other bags...I think my next bag is going to be another speedy!
  5. Ditto! I think Speedy is so cool-looking, modern, and practical that I use it the most! And the lower price point allows me to take it out in the rain/snow (Damier, which doesn't have the patina) or any other occasion where I don't have to baby my bags. I have more expensive bags but I keep coming back to this one! Speedies are the best!
  6. I am actually eyeing the Neverfull PM and after reading some thread on this forum, I quite often read Entry Level. I own many LVs and don't know if I should get something that is considered Entry Level. I suppose it shouldn't matter as long as I like it.
  7. it does not matter what bag you buy neverfull pm or speedy 25..i dont consider those entry level..i consider those the beat around bags..the ones you use EVERYDAY..instead of the higher priced bags that might be more coveted and you dont want to use everyday..LV IS LV and theres no entry level bag to me..i've purchased $2,500 Rita, and also got a neverfull/lockit which are around $700-800 whats wrong with that?
  8. 'gateway drug' LOL
  9. like others have stated the "entry level" bags are speedy, neverfull, and pochette. i personally think those are bags to entice you to buy more (because of the lower price point).
  10. For some they would prefer to spend less on a bag and work their way up.

    I started more on the high end and just bought a Speedy not too long ago.
  11. it's like a 5 restaurant meal it is the entry than comes the main course...
  12. Same here, my first LV was my most expensive!
  13. yeah price point. but whatever i LOVE my speedies! with a passion!
  14. So RIGHT!!!!!!:nuts:
  15. totally!!! :roflmfao: