Entry level bag

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  1. What is considered a reasonable priced entry level bag? Or is there one!
  2. Hmmm.. Depends on what you'd consider as 'entry-level' priced really..

    I'd say PM/MM Garden Party or Picotin or felt fabric Evelyne..
  3. I wouldn't call anything Hermes "entry-level" but if I HAD to pick something, I would say that a picotin (MM size is my favorite) is totally adorable, user-friendly and, all things being relative, reasonably priced.

    You can't really go wrong with ANY of the bags. For shoulder-carry maybe an Evelyne?

    They are all great bags and it's almost like asking which ferrari is "entry-level" LOL!

    Good luck with your first purchase!
  4. I agree with irishlass above, Hermès bags are all quite expensive... The Garden Party (comes in canvas and in leather) is a great all weather / all purpose bag, but if you look for a bag which has a real Hermès "signature" on it I'd choose an Evelyne.

    Good luck and try to find inspiration from the reference thread! :tup:
  5. Whenever I see posts asking about this, I always think to myself, "Don't make the mistake I did by going with a bag I sort of liked with a price I was ok with!" Its not worth it because if you don't really LOVE it, even $100 is too much to spend and you'll be spending MUCH more than that anyway.

    I say, pick the style you love that will suit your lifestyle and THEN shop around. You can buy used,if you are agreeable to that, and vintage pieces, too. You can find deals for a vintage, great conditon Kelly for the same price as a new Picotin GM or Evelyne. Just one example.

    After years of purchases, some dissappointmets, and a finally right-for-me collection, that's my advice.

  6. ITA with everything Irishlass said above. Personally, I love the look of Picotin and the very reasonable price point for such an adorable all H leather bag. However, it would really depend on your personal preference. Good luck with your decision.
  7. I agree with AuthenticLux - Hermes bags are too expensive to just settle for one that you can afford at the moment unless you love it.....the picotin is a cute bag but it is still an expensive bag...... personally i would go to a store ( if one is readily available) and try on a few styles to see if you love then and they love you....... and then go from there..... I went thinking i would love the Evelyne but left with a completely different bag which i had never heard of....
  8. ITA with AuthenticLux! good luck!

    some of the resale prices I have found since November 2008 to now include

    BBK 28 sellier 2K usd
    porc 28 sellier 1,600 usd
    black evelyne togo GM 699 usd
    barenia toile evelyne pm 799 usd
    rouge H shoulder bag, bamboo toggle, never used, 499 usd
    tsako, leather toile, 239 usd
    2 box jige pm's and 1 evergrain jige pm (799-900 usd)

    check the recommended reseller list and finds threads
  9. ^ I think any H bag style can be a great entry-level bag--if you're open to exploring resale, and getting a bag in "entry-level" condition. My first H bag was a black sellier Kelly, which cost me a fraction of what my boutique-bought picotin eventually did!

    As recently as this morning, a top ebay reseller had a Buy It Now 35 cm GHW Birkin for under 5k.

    There are treasures out there waiting to be rediscovered.
  10. Hi - I'm in agreement with AuthenticLux - I would, unhelpfully, define an entry level bag as the first one that you fell in love with, bought, and didn't look too closely at the price tag! Anything that is sooo beautiful that it reduces 'sticker shock' will be with you for a long long time to come.

    My first was a black kelly, because I knew I would never grow tired of it and it was a classic - it was store bought and have never regretted it - in fact I would have regretted it if I had left it behind!

    Piaffe makes a very good point too - part of the pricetag of these bags, is that they are so well made that they do (with care) stand the test of time and bargains are out there - how many times have we seen the expression, good first - insert name of Hermes signature bag/s- at a fraction of the original cost? With good research (and the help of some of the very lovely and helpful ladies here particularly in the authenticate strand) there's always the chance of finding something to make your heart, (and bank balance) sing!
  11. :nuts: Please post it in the finds thread!!
  12. I think of the Evelyne when I think "entry level." But that in no way diminishes the value of this bag. It just tends to be a bit less expensive than other H's. Also, an Evelyne was my first H bag.

    From there I went to a Trim. And a couple of days ago I bought a Kelly.

    I have done all of this in 7 months, all on the resale/Ebay market. I love all my bags. Well, I haven't received Kelly yet, but I already love her.
  13. I started with an ostrich Kelly that is anything but an entry level bag...... and twenty years later, I am still in love with it and I still find myself using it very often !
    Not sure I would have gone the same way with an Evelyne ( Picotin did not even exist back then)
  14. I agree with some of the above posters suggesting to find out what you truely like and then go for it. IMO, in contrast to some other brands that have mostly same type of production and quality of work, there's quite a difference between some H bags. NONE are of bad quality, but the difference between a kelly and a garden party is obious because they're not made in the same manner. =) It all boils down to what you want and how much you would want to spend on it.

  15. wow these are really good prices.