1. Is anyone watching - this is such an enjoyable show to watch - Ari Gold is a classic
  2. funniest show ever. I'm in love with Kevin Connoly.
  3. Entourage is a great show! I love the dialogue between Eric and Ari!!

    I was always wondering if this is what life is like in Hollywood. But after hearing about Lindsay Lohan's shopping trips I think it does a pretty good job documenting the "show-biz" life.
  4. i really love this show! it's just fun and the Ari character completely makes the show for me :smile:
  5. i just watched episode 9 - teh one when they go to vegas - i was laughing so hard at the end i nearly had a fit.
    I think its a pretty good take on teh lifestyle - when u are in demand like vince chase - life can only be filled with fun and lots of opportunities
    the paparazzi must stink tho
  6. I'd watch it if I had HBO but I have just basic cable. My *hubby*..Adrian Grenier is in it!!!! I just love the guy :love:
  7. u should look into renting the dvd's - season one and two are out on dvd
  8. Waiting for tonight's episode - only two left!
  9. I thought tonight is a season finale?!:nuts:
  10. OMG - I just checked the HBO website. It is the finale!!
  11. yaa - its depresing - its the finale
  12. it is!? nooooooo! I love having my entourage on sunday nights! what will I watch instead...? I love the eric and ari banter!
  13. it was a huge episode!!!
  14. OMG! Ari is fired!

    On a lighter note.. he won an Emmy!
  15. ok.... they are absolutely not getting rid of jeremy priven. he is so incredibly popular and well loved by this show's fans. I think he'll be back in the next season after vince/eric realize their mistake.

    I can't believe Bob signed the papers. poophead.