Entourage Sunglass help

  1. Finally an episode with Sloan. She is HOT!! Anyways, episode 49......when E sees her at the pool......anybody know what sunglasses she's wearing????

  2. I'll see if I still have the episode on my DVR and check for you. Sloan is great - but Mrs. Ari is my fashion fav!
  3. I hope you can tell cause I couldn't. I know for sure that Mrs. Gold was wearing chanels =)
  4. have no idea about the sunglasses, but i love Mrs. Ari.

    she rocks
  5. Couldn't get a good look at the sunglasses - sorry. Loved Sloan's Chanel bag though.
  6. i love the accessories the girls wear on that show....Ari's wife is def my fave