Entourage Fans

  1. Don't Forget the season kicks off this weekend.

    (Also, those who want to rent/purchase last season it is now available on DVD) You can catch up and see what you missed.
  2. I have season 1 on dvd right now - I am hoping to have time to watch it later on this afternoon.
  3. My BF and I are soooo looking forward to the new episodes of Entourage. We have been patiently watching all the re-runs! It's going to be great!! Only thing is that those 30 mins episodes go by so quickly, don't you agree?
  4. what is it about?
  5. I actually timed it once - and it's only 20 mins give or take of actual show. the first five minutes and the last five minutes are credits, intros, outros and promotional material.

    blah. vince is soooooo fly.
  6. And don't forget that Season 2 releases on DVD 06/06 (tomorrrow)! I'm definitely picking up my copy. I love me some Ari Gold!
  7. ^agree on the ari gold! yum yum jeremy priven!

    i have HBO on Demand i have the entire first season on there- have watched each episode so many times... i know the script by heart now!

    personally i love Ari and Eric's interaction and characters... but Vince is overwhelmingly hot on that show.

    who thinks aquaman will flop? who thinks it will blow up?
  8. i cant wait ::happy dance:::yahoo:

  9. Mocean,

    I was tryiing to figure out the plot line for this year also. Maybe the big conflict is Ari not being in an agency? Or maybe Aquaman flops but Queens Boulevard is the big hit?

    Ari/Eric interaction is the best dialogue on adult TV ever! And Shauna is hilarious!!

  10. im in love w/ vince..sigh :love:

    he looks so totally hot in the devil wears prada (i went to a private screening of it..such a cute movie!!)
  11. maxter- i was thinking that was a possibility as well! but even if aquaman flops- i think Vince will still be OK. I saw Kevin Connely on the morning show and he was talking about ow Aquaman would push Vince next to the next level of stardom and there would be a lot focused on the pitfalls and trials of that lifestyle...

    but i'm thinking that QB will give vince a lot of critical acclaim, while aquaman will get him to be a real movie star. I'm also thinking that drama will start getting roles seperate from his brother... or at least thats what i'm hoping! and maybe turtle's music producer career will skyrocket!

    haha i guess i'm overly idealistic. haha! someone needs to fail to keep enough tension in the storyline...
  12. Mocean - less than 3 hours to Entourage! So excited. I missed K Conolly. I guess he is/was dating Nicky Hilton. Drama & Turtle are great secondary characters. I'm hoping you are right and they get a bigger role.

    I didn't know Vince was in Devil Wears Prada!
  13. OMG!!! I think it was an AWESOME season opener!!! James Woods was SO FUNNY!!!:lol:
  14. as the season comes to an end
    we can juts wait until season 4
    bring it on and fast!!!!