ENTIRE store of FAKES!!

  1. There's a store in town that is only open 5 days out of the month. But all they sell are replicas. In fact, my hairdresser had a fake coach tote that she bought at that store. I admit I had to take a second look at it to make sure it wasn't coach.

    This is an actual brick and mortar store. Permanent sign, everything! The ladies in this town flock there and they sell purses by the hundreds! This can't be right.

    Any thoughts on this? Can they do this?:confused1:

    P.S. As you can tell by my signature, we don't have a coach store here. So, we are REALLY hard up!:push:
  2. wow, is that even legal? I mean a store FULL of repllicas? you are right, this is so not right.
  3. well do they bags actually have the C's and claim they are coach?? or are they look alikes because i see alot of look alikes that dont claim to be coach but look very similar. if they are fakes that are trying to pass as "authentic" then there is sometthing VERY wrong (and its also suspicious that they are only open 5 days a month)....

    i'm sorry and i hope u get a coach stroe near u soon!!
  4. I think its known that it is a replica store.. The C's looked more like funny O's... Still, they are copying coach designs.. I've seen IRL the patchwork and the scribble bag. So sad...:sad: I haven't actually gone in the store because, frankly, I won't.:blah: But I have a couple friends with those bags... Yuck. It's actually placed in an upscale part of town...
  5. Thats pretty crazy.Theres a fews stores in downtown Pittsburgh that have a whole wall of knockoffs....but not a whole STORE.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong on this but unfortunately, "inspired by" replicas are legal I think. But the "counterfeit" ones where they copy everything down to the Creed, "Coach" paperwork, "Coach" price tag and dust bag, etc, I believe is illegal and should be thrown in jail (isn't it similar to Identity Theft???!).

    I've never seen nor been to any of these "replica" stores nor any of these "purse parties". I just have no desire to do so. I haven't seen any of these replica stores near me as of yet, I hope they never appear! Yuckko!
  7. ^^ Good point.. it is definitely along the same lines as a purse party. In fact, you can throw a purse party there. I had a friend who wanted me to book one.:tdown::nogood:

    So, it must be legal. Just distasteful.:s
  8. My mom and I went to the Mall of America in September and saw the kiosks selling the "inspired by" bags in several locations. Then we walked past one that actually had replicas! These had Cs on them, Coach hang tags on them and Coach price tags on them. My mom inquired about one and the gal even told my mom they were real! Yeah, real ILLEGAL! I was shocked! I've seen stores in Gatlinburg, TN with inspired by bags too but this was the first place where I saw actual replicas which are so completely illegal!
  9. OMG! Don't you hate seeing these ppl making money this way? :tdown:My hair dresser started going to New York once a mth to get these "coach" bags and was selling for like $85 per bag to ppl who didn't have a clue. Needless to say, I quit going to her to get my hair done, :hysteric:couldn't stand seeing the fakes every time I walk into her place. I mean $85 could go toward a nice real Coach.:shrugs:

  10. There is actually one of these designer inspired kiosks right outside the Coach store at MOA. I think it's kinda funny actually. I look at all the junk hanging on those and kinda chuckle. Then I go inside the boutique to get the real stuff.:yes:
  11. Unfortunately if they state that they are replicas then it is perfectly legal...
  12. 5 days a month? isnt that a waste of money to rent?
  13. I just posted something similar in the Handbag forum. A new store opened nearby stating bags were designer-inspirered. So does that make it ok (legal). I called and she said they were not knock-offs.
  14. wow thats horrible...u need a real coach...
  15. I agree. I think it is illegal if they claim that they are Coach or are identical. Didn't they raid places in Chinatown, New York for their fake bags?