Entire runway show of F/W '08 MbMJ and MJ

  1. If you go to http://www.marcjacobs.com there is video of the runway shows for the Marc by Marc Jacobs and the Marc Jacobs F/W 2008 shows. I loved that he had Sonic Youth performing during the MJ collection show.
  2. ^ i went to the marc jacobs special items boutique the day before the collection show and there was a whole wall of sonic youth t-shirts. that should've been a clue, right?
  3. lol that definately would have tipped me off. Btw do you remember seeing those red card cases that you got the last time you were there? I really need to try to get into the city sometime soon because I want that flower umbrella you got.
  4. ^ there were a bunch of card cases there in a ton of colors. as for the umbrellas, there weren't as many as the first time i went. they still had a few of the floral ones left in navy blue and green/yellow as well as some of the ombre ones. they were unpacking a crapload of boxes when i was there, so i'm sure they had more in the back room.
  5. Oh awesome. Thanks. The navy blue floral is what I am looking to get. Maybe I'll try to go at the end of the month.