Entire Bogus Website of Hermes Bags

  1. I was just contacted by a buyer who want to buy an Hermes bag. She told me about this website.


    19 out of 21 bags are stolen from createursdeluxe.com

    I have no idea about the rest of the bag from other designer but I can verify 100% that the Hermes bags that are listed are stolen photographs.
    Thank-you for listening!
  2. Thank you for telling us CDL! It's a shame that they can get away with this- especially stealing your photos!
  3. terrible!
  4. Assuming the bags are fake (which I'm sure they are), isn't this illegal/fraud? Did you contact them, CDL? If so, what was their response? This is infuriating!
  5. I'm glad this came to your attention! BTW, I love browsing through your website!
  6. I called the 877 number, and someone (he) answered the phone...Hello. No business name. When I asked about the pictures, If they were from the actual bags, because I knew one specifically was taken from a website of an actual 'one of a kind bag' (for sale), he said he did not know anything about the pictures. The pictures were provided from their bag 'suppliers'.
  7. Isn't modalux or something along those lines one of the eBay aliases for Haleys Couture?
    Thanks CDL for bringing it to our attention.
  8. I don't know anything about this website.
    I have just contacted my attorney and we will see. The problem is the internet is such a new medium that no one knows the rules. There are not enough "internet police" to watch over everyone.
    I used to contact eBay and stay on the phone for hours telling them about unethical ebayers, now there are more fraudulent sellers than authentic ones. I always like to know who the seller is when buying on the internet.
    I don't think they will be in business long when the returns start coming in due to fraud.
  9. What nerve and look at those insane prices too! I hope these people go out of business soon before too many people get taken.
  10. Createurs...you can contact the ISP of the site and alert them to illegal activity which by law they are mandated to prevent and stop.
    Do a WhoIs search also to see what other contact info you can get to help your lawyer...but I would start with the ISP as they'll be able to just shut them down, which is a great start:yes:
  11. Unreal!! I hope this is resolved really soon CDL!
  12. Shocking. Thanks for letting us know. Good luck with getting them to respect your property rights in your site and pics.
  13. At those prices its surely fraud. Does anyone have a contact at Hermes corporate? They would want to go after them as I am sure they are not suppliers.
  14. I alerted Hermes corporate to an ebay seller using photos right off the Hermes website to list items at outrageous prices....I then forgot the name of the seller (GEEZ) but the point is that Hermes contacted me right away, thanking me and telling me they would have their attorneys look into it immediately.

    No free purse for reporting, though. drat.

    CDL, I am so sorry this is happening to you...definitely hit the ISP provider, that is the best start...

    Thank you for letting us know.
  15. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act has a process that ISP providers have to follow when they receive complaints that a site they are hosting has infringing materials. It is called Notice and Takedown

    You can find more info here http://www.chillingeffects.org/dmca512/faq.cgi#QID130

    Identify the ISP provider and look on their website for the Notice and Takedown contact person.

    I actually use to manage these complaints as they came in for an Internet company I used to work for. All US ISPs are required to follow this to avoid liability.

    Of course this is US copyright law via the US Copyright Office/Library of Congress (loc.gov) and a lot of people get ISPs outside of the US to host them when they are up to no good. But if it is a US based provider they will have to remove the images...at least initially as it goes through the back and forth process as the site owner can respond and say they are not infringing.

    Hope this helps.