Entertainment Tonight endorses eBay for below retail handbags, etc.

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  1. I'm watching Entertainment Tonight right now. There was a "Get the 'Devil Wears Prada' look for less!" story sponsored by eBay, and the eBay fashion expert (who's been a judge on Project Runway) was like, "This Kooba bag usually retails for over $500, but on eBay, you can find it for less than half price at about $200!" No mention of the rampant auctions of fake merchandise on eBay for below retail whatsoever. GRRRR. Thanks, eBay and ET, for facilitating innocent bargain hunters getting ripped off by scammers!

    (I don't know where to post this. TV? Handbags? General?)
  2. Ugh, yeah, a little more research is really needed.. Miranda Priestly wouldn't approve of fakes !
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