Entertaining article about designer bags

  1. Interesting read. I love that when I took the poll, 36% said that if they had the money would buy and LV bag.

    You should read some of these comments. Quite entertaining. One of my favorites is comment #331. "any one know about Louis Vuitton? I always heard the handles that have the red trim aren't real. Real leather doesn't have the red piping on the handles." Oh, they need John and Rebecca!!

    This comment is too funny: #223: "In response to Annie (#10 & 11): The Chanel salesperson was probably being polite. I work for a designerr bag company and we are not allowed to tell customers that their bags are fakes. They must request a letter of authenticity from the company if they are not sure. However, we often laugh later at the customers who proudly show off their "good knockoffs". I haven't seen a "good fake" yet."

  2. Thanks! Alot better than going to go get the Sunday paper!
  3. I read this morning. I have seen a ton of stories out like this in the past couple of months. my vote went to LV.
  4. hmm... didn't really finish reading it, but I voted LV so now it's up to 45% :biggrin:
  5. thanks for sharing!
  6. Nice article, good 5 minutes of my life spent reading that!
  7. Thank you for sharing.
  8. thanks for sharing! entertaining read :biggrin:
  9. LOL The comments were quite funnY!