Enterprise Rent a Car 25%!!!!

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  1. Hi folks... I've been searching and searching for a good rental code for Enterprise.. and found a good one!!

    Final day of rental must be January 31st.
    Use coupon code ESJF9RP in the reservation form.
    Valid through: January 31, 2009

    It's good for January only for rentals for 6 days or less... Trust me, it's best day non-weekend deal out there!!:yahoo:
  2. Thank you. Please post if you see any deals for may!
  3. thank you, i actually need this for the end of this week.
  4. I actually still have the car as we speak... It's due to go back later today. The girl in their office was shocked at the low rate.. hee hee:yahoo:
  5. I would love to find one of these for Hawaii in June
  6. If you're a Costco member (I think even if you're not), go through the Costco website to the travel section. They have some of the best deals for car rental.

    Also try the entertainment book. The 2009 should be ultra-cheap. It shouldn't be more than $20 and you'll save on a whole bunch of other stuff...grocery store, outings, hotels and those car rentals.