Entering the LV for first time - need help

  1. All
    I am finally going to take plunge and go for first LV. have loads of other bags ie Chloe, Fendi etc but really want to start on LV. Im thinking of starting basic with the speedy but not sure what size to get - I like a bigger bag rather than small but dont want huge - what should i go for? Does anyone have pics with theirs on to see what each size looks like?
    Thanks so much
  2. Most people like the size of the Speedy 30. The nice thing about going into an LV store is you can compare sizes and try them on to see which fits your needs best.
  3. Hi,

    welcome to LV world, speedy is great choice for your first LV. I have both 25 and 30.
    Considering you like big bag but not HUGE..I recommend speedy 30
    I will try to dig my old pics
  4. Thanks Bags

    Looking forward to seeing any you have

  5. If you like bigger bags definitely go for a speedy 30 or even 35 (there is also a speedy 40). 30 means 30 centimeters on the bottom, that's not big IMO. Unless you are petite.
    I'm 5'5 and I like smaller bags so I went for a 25 cerises speedy, but if they made it in 30 I may have gone for the bigger size. I guess you'll know.
    Depends also on the amount of stuff you carry. The speedy can sag if it's not reasonably filled.
    Good luck :flowers:
  6. You should check out the Visual Aids thread
  7. Oh that's me holding a 25
  8. I am 5'8" and here are the pics of me with:

    1. Speedy 25
    2. Speedy 25
    3. Speedy 30
    4. Speedy 30
    5. Speedy 30
    I hope these help.:yes:
    fringe.JPG cerises.JPG damier.JPG mcspeedy1.JPG graffitipic.JPG
  9. It's old pic, don't have mono 30 anymore but have damier 30

    speedy25 and speedy 30

    5'3" and 110 pounds[​IMG]
  10. wow you all look amazing - I hope I look half as good with a speedy! Thanks so much for the pics and what can I say LV addict what an amazing selection and bags you look like you should be modelling for LV.....
    Im 5'10 so I reckon maybe the 30 is better for me - do you think I should even consider the 35? I'm ordering from vuitton.com so I kinda need to make the decision before I order.
  11. I have the 30 and just love the size. The opening on the 25 is very narrow, but I didn't know that until I actually tried them out.
  12. THANK YOU!!! I think 30 is a pretty safe bet. How about ordering both, 30 and 35, and returning the one you don't think is right?
  13. I personally think speedy 35 is too luggage looking. Speedy is very roomy bag , I think 30 will serve you right for everyday bag .
  14. The 30 seems to be a very popular sixe, the 35 may be too big!
  15. Yes, most people seem to have the 25 or the 30. I'm looking for a bag to take on long weekends, so I might be looking at a 35. But for a day-to-day city bag I would consider the 30 too.