Enterin the job market and need a new bag

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  1. I'm graduating college in May and starting a new job shortly after. I've decided to reward myself with a brand new purse. I'm trying to keep it under $850. I'm looking for something classy, preferrably leather. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I personally would have lot's of suggestions, it would help if you could define your parameters though.
  3. coach gallery tote. about $300, i think. cute. durable. and won't break the bank. my suggestion, bc they have always done me well!
  4. yeah, please tell us what kind of taste u got :p

    do u want to have big bags u can carry to work later or small bags for evenings?

    shoulder bags or hand held?
  5. A Gryson Trigger Lock Heidi! It's $995, but lots of 20% off codes for various e-tailers. An early congratulations on graduation and the new job!
  6. I'm looking for something leather and the color black. I'm a big fan of soft leather. I don't want anything signature or too trendy (meaning not too many studs and chains). I'm looking for something I can carry to work and is a decent size. It doesn't have to be as big as a tote. I just want something that fits a wallet, cell, keys, bottle of water and makeup. Lately I've been wanting a Chanel, but have not done too much research on the price.
  7. chanels are great for ur needs, but for your budget, i think u can still find used on eBay. just make sure u post on the authenticate this at the chanel subs!
  8. Well for your needs, my recent obsession - because I can't have one - is a hayden harnett lorca with tassle. But if you wanted something that wasnt so much fun/funky and screamed consumate business professional I would go with Jimmy Choo Ross (would even fit files/folders/portfolio's in) My list of black handbags is endless though, I'm so boring and rarely think outside the black handbag envelope!
  9. Kooba, Hayden Harnett, Tano, Coach. maybe Tod's?
  10. Congrats on graduating and getting a new job! Perhaps you might like to consider Kazuyo Nakano?

    The Theodora TH562 is available in black.

  11. I saw this bag at Saks today; it is so beautiful!
    Naomi by Gryson, $477+ maybe code at shoptwigs.com

  12. From: Belen Echandia at a cost that's right around your price point (perhaps a teeny bit higher)

    This designer is in England, but check out the web site--there's a show at Bendels' this weekend and soon an American site)
    • Black
    • Leather
    • Soft (I suppose)
    • No logo
    • Not too trendy but not boring
    • Big but not too big
  13. What do you think about a classic bag from Bottega Veneta. They've wonderful soft leather, last forever and are a classic without being old fashioned e.g the Veneta or ball bag. The downside is they're over your budget but you might be able to get it with 20% off when Saks or Neiman have a special.
    Here's the link:
    They're available in black, too.