Enough with the guessing..Here she is!!!

  1. I exchanged my gardenia Leigh :crybaby:(she will be missed but loved by someone else) for a khaki/white large Bleeker flap, a black/silver bangle, and a light blue polka dot/signature ponytail scarf (TDF) and I still have another $150 for the next PCE!
    Here she is!!!
  2. Fabulous! Love the scarf, nice touch.

  3. That is such a pretty bag!
  4. the scarf is a great addition..so pretty!!
  5. Very pretty! I love your new bag! Congrats
  6. very pretty..enjoy!
  7. That is a great bag!! I seriously love the bleeker flap bag and the white/khaki is just stunning!
  8. Great choice!
  9. Beautiful!!!! I love the khaki/white combo!!!!
  10. great choice ! Also love the scarf you picked !
  11. One of my "wish list" purchases...looks great! :tup:
  12. Very nice :yes:
  13. You did great!!!:woohoo:
  14. SO pretty with the scarf, love this bag! Congrats! I think you will be pleased that you got her.
  15. Congrats, the scarf is sooo pretty, and the bag is gorgeous!