Enough with the competition shows already

  1. seriously..biggest loser, best chef, top model? Everything is just a clone of a clone. I think it's time for a new big TV idea..what that is? I don't know but i'd like to see some kind of different programming now and again.
  2. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes perspective of big events, so “Top This Party” is a show that I think will be very cool.
  3. I like competition shows, but I can't stand when another show copies an existing show. Bravo's coming out with their own America's Next Top Model rip off. I also hate when they have a profession that's not that interesting. I like watching models, chefs, and designers, but photographers? Who cares?
  4. That's funny, because I don't see the point of watching people cook food that I can't taste. There are so many chef shows, and I find them all boring. :shrugs:
    I'd prefer watching photographers, because I find that far more interesting. It's something that you can judge by watching tv, unlike food.