1. Okay!

    So! Since we have having one hell of a time spotting and being spotted, it was kristydarling's idea that we start a separate thread to make this happen.

    I know that hwme has been prancing around the city numerous times, as have I.

    What do we say? Hmm? NW? Turtle?

    I mean, I know it's gonna take some time - everyone has their own schedule (this is the city life, duh). But I think that we can do this. :drinkup:
  2. Keep me informed. I live in the Midwest, but I'm planning to take a trip in late July or August and I might be able to catch up too!
  3. Count me in! I think this will be so fun to see everyone's bags.
  4. count me in too...
    i work close to the neiman's, so i'm always in the area...
  5. We gotta wait for chuggie! She is afterall, flying all the way out here just to see us... =P

    Let's do July/August then...

    Does anyone have a preferred day of the week and/or time specific to them?
  6. Yay! I prefer Fridays but might be able to sneak away on a Saturday sometime.
  7. Count me IN!!!

    Maybe after we get our Magenta's?!?!

    Anytime, I am dying to meet ya'll :yes:
  8. Ooh, I'm fairly new to the balenciaga forum, but I have ALWAYS had an affinity for them and I already know KristyDarling from another forum, can I join in, too?
  9. count me IN!!! I'm a former Bay Area'er (11 years) and it's a quick trip from Tahoe. I would love to meet you all IRL AND finally get to see other's bbags in person! :nuts: ya just don't see other bbags up here!

    plus, I get to see Bbags in SF (NM & Susan's) AND Nordies in Sacto on the drive!!:yahoo:
  10. Count me in too! :tup:

    Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays work for me except for this particular weekend.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you!

    Turtle :heart:
  11. :idea:Oooh, don't forget about me...count me in. How exciting !!:smile:
  12. count me in too! :heart:
  13. Count me in...
  14. If it happens on a Sat. I'd love to join in...maybe even get my partner in crime sister to come in from Southern CA.
  15. You guys are so awesome. Specially the ones who are gonna make a special trip just to pay tribute.I can't promise that we're gonna do anything off-the-wall-crazy-fun, but I think just being around all the ladies who have all the bbags will be fun in itself.No one understands but us.When I get home, I'll take a headcount. For now, looks like a Saturday in August will be our day!