Enough of MiniLin Dune how about this blue

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  1. new bag with new color, not dune but blue.

    the bag is a bit too expensive i think, but the color is fresh.

    its currently in vuitton.com uk website

    Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer
  2. What line is it since your link only comes up with the vuitton website?
  3. sorry ladies the bag is called diaper bag from the mini lin collection, cant copy and paste.
  4. I like this bag, I saw it on the site a few days ago... the pink is pretty, too.
  5. Pic:
  6. But this color will not come in other styles both Pink and Blue.
  7. ^Pink and blue are LE for the diaper bag only...
  8. I think it's cute too but it only comes in the diaper bag style...my store sold out of these pretty quickly.
  9. I saw it yesterday and I thought it was cute. That said, I don't think it's a practical diaper bag for most people. May be for a super hip mommy.
  10. I saw the blue one Saturday, it's really a pretty color. My Sa said that the blue & pink are LE colors but this will be a permanent bag.
  11. Cute! I think Mini Lin would look good in a navy blue also!
  12. Yup its cute but wont spend that much for diaper bags ahahaha.
    Unless they expand the colors to diff styles.
  13. I'm loving the color but not the style
  14. its cute :love: wish they have it in other style