Enough is Enough (LONG POST)

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  1. I usually don't care about price increase, but after reading through the price increase thread here on this board. I have to say, does anyone else think enough already? I really have to admit, the classic line is not TO DIE FOR. Don't ban me or yell at me-they are pretty but they are plain. Its basic bags with hardly any detail or hardware to which it would call for a price increase. They are basic bags and why are they going up in price when everyone in the world already owns a basic flap or classic piece? Its like an unwritten rule that a woman must own one classic chanel.
    Even LV and Gucci go through price increases, but their bags have alittle more going on and their increase is somewhat tolerable. Is there anything we can do to take on the corporate fashion house giant that is Chanel to let them know this is just getting stupid?
    You can buy a whole lot more bag and ornamentation for what chanel is going to now charge for a classic if you go to other designers. Come on, we can buy a Nancy Gonzalez exotic for the price of a flap now! A big one at that!!!
    Do we boycott? Do we send letters? What do we do? Maybe I am getting alittle too much ahead of myself, but I do not see the point of such a major increase on something that is so plain. (pretty, but plain) To top that all off they keep making dull colors. Increase the price of the limited colors-maybe they should leave the black and whites at the same price but increase the limited production colors. Such as metallics, purples, pinks, blues, etc (all the colors they make and than suddenly stop). The colors that are worth paying for. Black is all over the place because it is such a staple. Pay up for color because we crave the color and it is harder to find. Supply and demand should rule the increase, not because they feel like it.
    How do they even justify the increase?
    We know the bags aren't made that well because all of us have had one or more quality issues. A scratch, a tear, an unraveled leather strap, a link breaking, a lock not lining up. For all we know outsourcing may be going on with false stamping as to where it was produced. I think they need to show us where this extra money is. Material cost going up? Labor increase? Is the value of the dollar against the euro dictating this? Crude fuel prices? Show me where my money is going. I run a company and when my increases are pending, I am shown where and how much and why. As a consumer we are shown in most industries why things go up-GAS PRICES ANYONE. What makes this any different?
    For now, I will still be a slave to my passion of bags, but I just wanted to get this off my chest. I will purchase a melrose bag,metallic symbols, and maybe a clutch. BUT I will make sure they never go near my mouth or food-who knows, maybe they are outsourced and lead may be contained in some article. HA.
  2. I feel the same way. I will have to limit my purchases now.

    I think the only way to have an impact with a company is through their bottom line. Our only voice is through our dollars.

    Are we really going to boycott? I will, until I see something I must have... and then... I'll probably buy it.

    Nevertheless, I'm as angry as you.
  3. I hear you. I have been thinking for a while now that I would like to send an email or a letter about this to Chanel Headquarters. Just to get it off my chest.

    I've tried to find an email address, but I have only found this postal address and telephone number of Maureen Chiquet, she is the Global CEO of Chanel.

    Chanel SA Company
    Attn. Maureen Chiquet
    135 Avenue Charles de Gaulle
    92521 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex

    Phone: 00 33 1 46 43 40 00
  4. I remember last year I was invited to an AMEX Centurian Event at the LV store in NYC where they gave you a chance to design your own bag (for a hefty price tag). It was a pretty exclusive and costly event. If Chanel wants to be so exclusive (1. theory for price increase) why does it never do events like that? Why does it not try to cater to a more exclusive clientele and have private events where they invite you in to create and charge you an obscene amount of money for something special?
    I am angered right now, and I like I said in my other posts, I don't even buy the flaps, I own my black jumbo, black metallic 228 and thats the extent of anything traditional for me. If they want to raise the bar and the price, than why not host those events and make it worth while?
  5. I don't mind the increase, it is luxury good after all. I don't think any materials or craftmanship will ever warrant the price tag. What bothers me is the quality getting worse while the price keep going up. I bought 4 bags this month and 2 of them are VERY poorly made. If it's not from Saks I would think they are fake!
  6. Are you tempting me? I will write to her.

  7. I just want to know why they do it. Also, why has the quality fallen off the grid. Luxury is worth paying for, but not when you to send it for repairs. Its like my cars and trucks. I buy American trucks because they are rugged and can take a beating and are built to last. I buy german for my sports cars because nothing handles like german engineering on a winding road or the smoothest ride while excellerating. You don't hit 75 mph in a porsche and all of a sudden the car rattles because the quality has been compromised. It holds its value and retains its quality of great workmanship. Why can't chanel do that too?
  8. Which 2 bags, if you don't mind my asking?
  9. Not at all Jayne1! The timeless clutch that I had a thread on and a white jumbo caviar.

  10. I absolutely agree everybody should take back defective products and moreover to ask for a refund or replacement and not to compromise with just repairs!They should keep the quality as high as they used to!:yes:
  11. I agree! I can understand when an exotic costs more and understand that extra details warrant extra cost, but what exactly warrants a $1,000 price increase on a bag that hasn't changed? I know over time all things increase in price with inflation, but $1,000 in such a short period of time?? In America our dollar is dropping and our economy isn't doing so hot- so from my meager perspective, my income isn't dictating it.

    I hate that I will no longer be able to go to Chanel to buy a classic bag anymore (as of tomorrow!). I really feel that they want to make themselves more exclusive, which is sad for people like me who struggle to afford their favorite bags. I will never EVER buy a fake, but I certainly think this will make anyone who was borderline before keep their fake instead of buying a real one. I fear that fakes will increase greatly as less normal, not super rich, people can't afford to buy a real bag but want to carry a "chanel" for looks....anyways, I digress...I just don't get it either. Like they weren't expensive enough before. So much for appealing to consumers with amazing, classic, and well-crafted designs, I guess Chanel is out to appeal only to elitists these days (forgive me, I'm a tad bitter about this).
  12. I have a measely collection of 3 purses (classic flap, GST and a clutch) but I'm now done with Chanel. For the money, I just can't justify buying anymore. You are right, the quality of the purses seem to be declining and I suspect, as in previous times, we'll see a decline in desire for the Chanel handbag. There are so many other premier designer handbags that are less in price and people like myself will look at the alternatives. Either that or save what I would have spent on 2 or 3 more Chanel handbags and get myself a purse by Hermes.

    It's funny to me that Chanel claims they don't want to see their handbags on women in every mall - then they shouldn't have boutiques in every mall or in many department stores. It seems like a convenient excuse for yet another price increase. Not worth it anymore for me. I can't imagine what could possible warrant an increase in the jumbo flap in less than a year of $1000 or 58%. It's really inexcusable in my opinion.
  13. Which answer are you hoping to get?

    I am not usually posting in the Chanel forum, but I have read through the threads on price increases as this is something that affects every brand in the luxury market. What Chanel is doing, and if it's working, other brands may copy it.

    To me they are seemingly just trying out a new corporate tacics. There is nothing that can "justify" these increases, unless the corporation was near-bankrupcy which it was not. Either the company had some major catching up to do compared to other brands, which means that their prices have been below they should've been for years, or maybe they are doing this for the stocks (weren't they going to change into stock-based company, if they didn't alreayd?).
  14. The SA told me the value of the dollar against the euro is a big reason why the price is jumping up so much.
  15. We are all bitter over this. I don't even buy the bags that are going up, I am just twisted that they keep doing this. Its not right. If you want to increase make it a commodity. Supply and demand. Simple rule.
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