Enough Is Enough: Guess Who Kicked The Papa Up His Ass ?

  1. Heather Mills :nuts:

    After endless months of being the prey of paparazzi, celebrity divorcee Heather Mills has evidently had quite enough!

    The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCarntney went ballistic of a photo-hungry paparazzo yesterday by kicking (with her good leg), yelling and screaming at the poor lensman all while he videotaped the entire incident.
  2. My first instinct is to laugh...but really I'm sure they were out of line or possibly saying nasty things to her. I'm surprised they're not kicked more often.
  3. That made me laugh out loud :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. Ridiculous
  5. Question: Once her divorce with Paul is final, does she still get to keep her title of Lady?
  6. I thought that she was courting the Paparazzi for her carefully orchestrated campaign against Paul? Obviously strain got too much for her!
    I really cannot warm to her after all I have heard but who knows what is true & what's not!
    One thing for sure Linda was the love of his life & I doubt if anyone else would ever measure up!
    Thank goodness the other leg supported her or she would have been left with a red face!
    Gonna be really negative here but I find it so sad that so many marriages end in divorce & when there is a good one death rears it's ugly head, seems like we really are not meant to be happy in this life!
  7. The first thing that came to mind when I saw that picture is.... is that leg real?
  8. I still don't know whether to pity her or not. There was no way she could please the public as Paul's second wife esp since she is about what 28 years younger than he is. I just think what was Paul thinking marrying someone who he had absolutely nothing in common with. She was a nobody before she married Paul, and after the divorce she'll be a wealthy ex-wife. She has a rather big mouth which doesn't endear her to anyone. Anyway, back to the pic, it would have been awful/awfully funny (depending on your perspective) if she fell.

    I think post divorce she does get to keep the title, but I'm not 100% sure, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. In a wikipedia article, it says Knighthood titles can be taken away if the person commits a crime, but it doesn't say anything about divorce.
  10. ITA
  11. Regardless, she should keep her dignity & kicking anyone just doesn't show class for me a "lady" would never do that! True colours showing Heather?
  12. Oh dear, I think perhaps the intense scrutiny got a bit too much for her.
  13. \

    for sure :yes:
  14. ouch* you guys, harsh! I don't have an opinion of her to be honest, I don't know enough about their lives. But now because she kicked some probably a**hole paparazzi she isn't a lady? c'mon! Its not like you have seen 139 different shots of her kicking the paps, you know it was provoked and clearly she had had enough. Regardless if she isn't a pleasant person, nobody deserves what is happening to her right now with the media.