Enough ebay drama!!

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  1. Finally after a year I have had enough of ebay and called it quits!!There have been more problems and drama than it was worth. I have sold excellant bags for too little and have been sold fakes and junk!!Then I get accused of keeping a bag, getting a refund for it and doing a chargeback all for the same bag!! I returned the bag the day I received it, with tracking and signature confirmation, and got a cc chargeback because it was a piece of junk. He got his bag because he signed for it. He never had to refund me and he didn't!! because I did the chargeback. Then 2 months later he says he refunded me and I got the chargeback and I kept the purse. Well I got it taken care of because I had proof he signed for the bag and paypal could see there was no refund from him but not until I had to spend an hour on the phone!! Enough of the drama!! Then I purchased 2 fake Tag Heuers in a month!! But they were sold as authentic!!Enough already!!!!!:roflmfao:
  2. I don't blame you one bit. I'm sick of it all, too.
  3. Wow, you've had some pretty bad experiences.

    I know what you mean, though...as soon as I sell my last item, I'm DONE. It's just way too frustrating and stressful, and it really shouldn't be. IMO it's not worth it anymore.
  4. eBay isn't worth it for me either. I feel that the sammers have ruined it for everyone and not only that, if something does go wrong, PayPal is just so utterly useless at helping a buyer. I know there are reputable sellers out there but it is so hard to know for sure that I've kind of given up.
  5. I know how you feel, everything I am selling is under $40 now. I have a Chloe paddy to sell and I am just too scared to list it....
  6. oh my gosh...is it really starting to get this bad on ebay?
  7. I don't sell, but I've had enough of ebay too. It's more trouble than it's worth these days.
  8. paddy eh?? satchel?
  9. harhar i wanted to ask her what she wanted to sell but i might get a warning from the mods hehhe