enough already?

  1. anyone ever get a headache over the choices?
    honestly, i really feel like being able to select leather/color/hardware/size/style is such a major appeal of hermes, but when it comes to narrowing it down and about 10 different things seem perfect to you, it's enough to make me wish there weren't so many choices (i don't mean it. if anyone with any power anywhere is listening, i don't really mean it).
    but anyone else ever get that headache?
  2. I've got what I want narrowed down to just one or two choices. Now the hard part is ever chancing upon it at the stores!!!
  3. I know just what you mean! sometime I feel like my head is going to explode!:p
  4. ITA! Just when you think you're done ("last one...",etc.), you fall in love all over again with another design (albeit new or classic) & proceed to wrack your head over the perfect leather/size/HW combination. Yes, it can be a headache but the good kind!

  5. Today, in particular :graucho:
  6. Yes, and another problem is being able to try things on. I don't really get out to a boutique much so I think I know what I might want but I can't easily try it on. Sigh.
  7. Yea, it is a lot to think about...but what a great debate.
  8. nah - I'm far too anally retentive, and only like (for myself) a limited selection of colours/leathers. SO I don't find it a problem.

  9. Am with you there, GF! :yes:

    - can't resist anything mysore/chevre, swift/gulliver
    - as for colors? hmmm... love rouge! :drool: to the point my SAs don't show me anything in that color anymore - enough already (according to them!) So, I have been "populating" my collection with other VIVID and bright colors! HEH!
  10. Color is an easy one for me....
  11. LOL - that's like my scarf SA - whenever I walk in, she pulls out anything green!
  12. Thanks, everyone!!! Funny because I've always liked this combo in a Kelly or Birkin but never made it a number 1 choice. UNTIL I saw this one!
  13. rofl^^ a mispost from a poster who recently narrowed it down!

    i swear, even if i think i've narrowed it down to 3 leathers and 4 colors, i still get frustrated at having to choose. lol, i guess the problem isn't the number of choices, but just the necessity to choose only one!:nuts:
  14. HH - pick the most classic, and then work from there.

    PS: still gotta take a look at the blog.....
  15. um there are no fewer than 6 classic colors AT LEAST