Enough already!

  1. If one more ebayer writes to me and asks me if I'll 'take less money' for a 3 piece Coach signature set I have listed I am going to SCREAAAMMM!!! If I wanted to give it away I wouldn't have listed it! Its a mint condition Coach signature Style 9363 WITH the matching wallet AND cosmetic case! And you cannot get it anymore! The set was over 600.00. :hysteric:
    Ok, I feel better now.
  2. You should just reply, "I am actually pulling the listing and throwing the set in the garage sale I'm having today. Gonna sell it for a quawta!!!"
  3. I know I can sympathise - its soooo frustrating
  4. Is this happening more than it used to? I got a lowball offer on my Bayswater and I was surprised because it was on the heels of asking for lower prices last time I listed other bags--a Bal bag and a Muse--about a month ago. Years ago, this never happened to me and now, the last 3 bags I listed elicited these emails. What gives? Is anyone else experiencing an uptick in these? How do you handle it?
  5. I had someone e-mail me a few weeks back with a low ball offer. When I declined, she e-mailed back that she thought all sellers doubled what they paid for their merchandise. So she thought an offer of $150 on an item starting at $300 was reasonable.

    I am lucky if I have a $20 or so profit built in to my bags, after I pay all the eBay and PP fees.
  6. Mmm... I have in my auction the individual retails of these 3 Coach items so they KNOW what I paid. The bag is rare and the only place to get it anymore is eBay, really. I HATE to part with this set as it is but financially I'm in a crunch out of work for 3 years with a back injury. I figure I will find one later and buy it back. I've done that before with others.