Enormous lash VS NeuLash

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  1. i just purchased the enormous lash based on the reviews i saw online, than accidently i saw reviews about Neulash.

    could you ladies give some feedback of those two products?

    should i return enormous lash go for Neulash?

    Thank you!
  2. Please ,ladies help me out~~~
  3. Wish I could help, but I've used neither. I am a fan of LiLash.
  4. I've used both, and honestly (at least for me) they both did exactly what they said they would. My lashes grew long and lush. Currently, I'm using Neulash and enjoying it more for two reasons: it doesn't irritate my eyelids and make them itch and it cost less. In other words, the performance is the same (for me) but my eyelids seem to be happiest with Neulash.
  5. i have used enormous lash and the results were amazing. however, once you stop using it your lashes go back to its regular shape (meaning when they fall out the new ones that grow in are the regular)

    no clue about Neulash

  6. thanks for your information on Lilash, the more i know the better of i would be, appreciate it.
  7. i thought Nuelash is more expensive 150$ than Enormous lash 95$.

    i heard enormous lash is all natural in its ingredients, it does irritate your eyelids.

    thanks a lot for your detalied information.

    where do you purchase Nuelash? did you notice any darkenning skin around eyelid or eye color change? Thank you!

  8. thanks for the information. Wow, cool you tried the enormous lash, did it give you any side effects? i am aware of once stop using it, it will go back to the regular length)

    i am a little concern about the side effects that people are talking about, the reason i felt enormous lash might be better idea is because it claims all natural.

    Thank you again for your information.

  9. I had no side effects.

    Unless you count that the growth of your lashes is a little faster so the old ones fall out rapidly. Very annoying for the eyes.

    Applied properly (don't do it to close to the eye, it stings) you should be ok.

  10. thank you so much~~

    can not wait seeing the results...........
  11. how do these products compare with Jan Marini's? Ive almost run out so want to know if i should stick with it or change brands?
  12. I have been using neulash for over a year and I swear by it. I had tiny fine sparse lashes and used to get lash extensions until I discovered neulash. People thought my own lashes were extensions I used to get but they are my own lashes! The sales lady even told me that a customer put the neulash on a part of her eyebrow that had a scar which never grew hair and it actually had hair growing in that spot!
  13. thanks for your detailed response. i heard lots of great review on Nuelash but some people complained it does contain chemicals will change the eye color permanant, did you notice any of that?

    or any other side effect?

    Thank you!
  14. My lashes are stick straight..
    I used Marni..my lash did grow, but were still stick straight,
    so I stopped using it..
    do any of the brands make eyelashes curl?
    I thought I read somewhere that there is a brand that
    curls lashes and helps with growth..