Enormous, gorgeous, two- tone --Bolide???

  1. At a hotel restaurant yesterday I saw from afar a fantastic looking, huge bag with the shape of a Bolide and an H looking lock dangling from the side, The bag appeared to be mostly black with brown accents and trim. It had a rigid looking bottom area that does not look like a Bolide, though. It also seemed to have some metal studs at the base of the handles. So probably it wasn't a Bolide now that I think of it. It was very large and so gorgeous.

    Does any one know what it could be?
  2. Wow, that was a good response. I never heard of the Escapada, but I like it--looks like a good deal, too. But, it is not the bag I saw. It was similar to the Escapada but with some differences. First, it was larger. The top was more curved and the handles looked like they were stitched on, like a bolide. The bottom had a bucket style base all around.
  3. Interesting....

    I gotta see this bag!
  4. Perhaps a MacPherson?
  5. I don't know the MacPherson. I googled MacPherson bag and everything was about Elle Macpherson's bag thief being tackled!
  6. [​IMG]

    Here's a tiny pic of a Macpherson. Kind of like a Bolide w/ a jewel case at the bottom.
    Sorry for such a small pic. I don't have my scanner right now and can't scan a better picture from one of my Japanese look books.
  7. GGA - great post - I've never seen an Escapada before! I wish JnJ's listing showed the opening and interior!

    24 - Great photo of the MacPherson - I'd love to see one IRL!
  8. Thanks, I finally did find a photo and learned that the bag was named after Elle Macpherson. It is very close to what I remember seeing, but I thought the base was more rounded rather than rectangular. It coyuld be the one I saw though, since I was across the room, I'm short-sighted, and relying on memory. This bag looks amazing--here's the link

    The $14,000 handbag - Fashion - www.theage.com.au
  9. It's gorgeous in person, hNe!

    The H store in Houston actually has one in stock. It's brown, don't know which brown, and it's all one color. It's so, so beautiful
  10. gga - after seeing the pic in the link pampered posted I can imagine it's beautiful! :nuts: Thanks for posting the article, pampered! HNE
  11. Oh man! I can't believe I missed that link to the MacPherson my first go round. I'd love to see one of those babies IRL.

    Makes that little brown Escapada at the Houston store look a little drab in comparison.

    Oh, man!