enlighten me about the baroque!

  1. Great job lj! Those pics are so helpful. I've been wondering which size would be a better fit for me and this definitely gives me a better idea. :tup:
  2. Wow thanks for the pics! I like the large!
  3. Anytime ladies :biggrin:

    LVoeletters, looking forward to your reveal if and when you decide to get a large. :smile:
  4. very helpful pics! Thank you so much!
  5. Those are excellent comparison photos! Thank you so much for doing them.
  6. Sure thing. Any reveals? ;)
  7. I have been literally stalking this bag for quite some time. After seeing your pics, I'm convinced I need to get it more than ever. I really want a Chanel Jumbo, however, that's not feasible at this moment. I figured this would be a good alternative.

    would you say it is light when putting items in it and are the straps easily adjusted when wearing crossbody? I'm 5'7 about to order it in classic black...although, I'm torn by that vibrant blue. :drool::sweatdrop::shrugs::wondering
  8. It is pretty lightweight. :yes:

    The straps can be adjusted from shoulder to crossbody. But as a crossbody, you cannot adjust the length unless you have some links removed professionally. I was contemplating on doing this because it's a tad long on me. But I was wondering how it can be done because the leather is interwoven unto the links. I am 5ft 4 in ( I thought I was 5ft 5 in, maybe I shrunk, lol :p). For your height, it'll be perfect.

    Black is classic. I bought the large black first, then got the xl blue after. Fyi, the blue is included in the Nordstrom sale 40% off. ;)
  9. I just wanted to say thank you Ljlj for your extremely helpful posts about the baroque single. I always admired the look of quilted leather handbags but being a busy mom of three small kids, I thought I could never fit my stuff into any of these style bags. After a little research, I now know I could totally pull of the xl size of this bag and I am so excited to get one soon hopefully!

    One question, do you find that the leather on this bag is very durable, specifically around the edges/corners and the chain strap? I would love to be assured before I take the plunge on this purchase that it is indeed a durable, everyday kind of handbag that will wear nicely over extended use... I take good care with all my handbags, but I just want to make sure, since this would be my first Marc Jacobs purchase! (I only own MBMJ)
  10. You're welcome. :smile: Glad to be able to help fellow tPFers.

    In terms of durability of this particular bag, I don't have the answer because I don't use this bag everyday. I take good care of my bags too so at the moment, I haven't seen any obvious corner wear. The leather is lambskin therefore smooth and soft.

    There are some baroque singles made of goatskin which is more durable than lambskin. I believe the goatskin ones are lacquered too so that provides a layer of protection. If I'm not mistaken, the color "cassis" baroque which is a purple-brown is goatskin and also lacquered.
  11. Oh, I didn't know about this, I will definitely look into that now and check those out to compare, thanks again! :smile:
  12. I'm itching for a baroque bag. I saw the large today in pewter(a new f/w color) and I really liked it but felt like it may be a tad small but it was SO cute. My dad talked me out of getting it because of the size. I tried on the XL before and felt it was kind of big. Grrr I wish they had a in between size lol.
  13. omg thank you for the pics. and I LOVE the black baroque. I want one. i want one!
  14. I'm thinking to buy a black XL.Does anyone know if they came with a key to lock it?