Enlighten Me About Rebecca Minkoff, Please.....

  1. I see your enthusiasm about RM all over these boards, and would like to know, WHY???? I guess I just don't get it.... I have seen the Matinee in pictures and IRL, and it looks OK, but more or less like an ordinary satchel. The leather IRL is nice, but not enough to make me jump, because of the somewhat mundane style. I have an open mind, and have several bags from different designers, but have yet to leap into the Minkoff fray, and want to know what I am missing.

    Please enlighten me!!!!!!
  2. I'm not crazy about the MAB or the Matinee,but I love the RM Nikki ! Especially in the color night blue! Gorgeous,super soft..sorta like the leather of a gustto baca.

    Of course the leathers vary. But take a look at that Nikki:tup:

  3. I don't consider myself a bag connoisseur of any sort (I like nice things. That's about it.), but Rebecca Minkoff's designs are just so elegant and lovely. I don't go for crazy-trendy pieces-- which is exactly what you bemoan about Minkoff, that they are "mundane." There's nothing particularly showy or startling about them, which is what makes them so startling and appealing to me. Simplicity. Beautiful, simple lines, structures. So, so elegant and classy. It looks like the type of bag you could have for years and would never go out of style (which is something I appreciate in a bag). I love the Morning After bag. I think it is perfect.

    As for me, I never understood the Louis Vuitton craze and if someone could explain it to me, I would love them eternally.
  4. I used to feel as you do. But they look much more striking in person. I had no interest in particular until I saw one on the street on someone's arm. It was gorgeous. I bought one and now I am hooked as well.

    They have really beautiful leather, nice colors, nice linings, and they just look fashion forward and classy without being uber-trendy. For a mid-end bag in that price range, I prefer them to many of the other alternatives. They also have great CS and I think they really listen to their customers (as you can see from Rebecca's posts here!). I find this refreshing when some of the other indie brands in their range (i.e. Botkier) have gone up in price and down in quality, and also have sort of dismissed the better CS they used to have.

    They also have great utility. I am a "big bag" kind of girl and I can fit TONS of stuff in my MA, more than in my MJ blake, yet it is not that heavy and it does not look huge when I wear it.

    So, I think they're just great, useful, nice quality bags for their price range. I would probably not buy them if they were much more expensive than they are now, but for their price range they are a wonderful brand IMO.
  5. I love that RM makes quality, timeless bags that are not necessarily recognizable as a "name brand" to the average person. I love lesser-known designers and really love that her bags are unique yet not "trendy" in their design. And you can't beat the price for a well-constructed (in NYC) handbag. I am hoping that she continues to manufacture in the US (Botkier lost some appeal when they started outsourcing their manufacturing) and sticks with the reasonable price point. And for me personally, a high-quality, all-leather bag made locally beats a similarly-priced, made-in-China, canvas bag anyday! JMO! :smile:
  6. Thank you all for your responses. I just wanted to say that the bag I was speaking about in my initial post was the Morning After, not the Matinee...Sorry!

    Also, I am not in any way into trendy bags, don't own, and have never owned, monogrammed bags, so it isn't the lack of "trendiness" that I am speaking of.

    I guess, what sets it apart from the other really well made rectangular satchels?


  7. I guess what it comes down to (for me) is the price, which is very reasonable for the quality, the great colors/linings and the made in the US thing! I haven't really come across anything that's similar to RM in all of those ways. :tup:
  8. i have been debating between 3 rm bags in the past 3 weeks and have decided, after all the forum feedback, to go with the matinee...i love the extra pockets, the leather is amazing and it's just a great bag!
  9. To each her own.

    I have a Morning After mini. I like that it has nice leather and a classic style for a good price (got mine on sale).
  10. I wasn't a fan of the morning after until I was able to try it on. It is the way it hangs on the arm and shoulder, the way it slouches, but doesn't completely lose its shape - yet its not so stiff that it looks too formal or stuffy. I love the minimal hardware. I love how much it holds - it looks good empty or nearly full - which is nice because I tend to start the day with very little stuff and then add to it as the day progresses.

    I think the length of the handles is just right. Not too long, not so short that they can't be worn over the shoulder.

    It looks surprisingly sophisticated when I am dressed for work and adds a bit of polish to my casual outfits - while still feeling like it belongs with the outfit.

    I think this bag is best for gals who don't like a lot of detailing on their bags. Its all about the shape - the lines of the bag and the softness of the leather.

    As for the matinee, I fell in love with it because of it manages to have a lot of pockets without looking overly fussy or busy. Again, minimal hardware and detailing. Plus, the side and front pockets are lined in suede and are a joy to reach into everytime. I've always been a fan of duffel shapes, so its longish proportions have never bothered me. Again, the length of the handles is perfect.
  11. The leather is outstanding. Minimal hardware (mot too flshy is a big thing for me) not to mention all the colors to choose from. I am a big fan of the glazed leathers (almond & espresso).. RM has turned into a bonified obsession for me. I just LOVE her bags and I can't explain why. Believe it or not I felt the same way as you when I first read all the hype. I did not get and didn't thing anything special of her bags until one day somthing changed!!
  12. i'm with you Equalizer, i don't understand the craze either. but then again, maybe it's just about different tastes. it sounds like RM bags are very high quality and a lot of that is attributed to them being manufactured in the us. so is it general consensus that bags made outside the us are not as high in quality (aside from exceptions like italy, france.. im guessing)?
  13. I guess my main issue with things made outside of the US isn't so much the quality but rather the concern about the conditions under which they were made. Designers who choose to manufacture here where labor costs are often higher *usually* make the committment to paying their workers fair wages. Sometimes when things are manufactured in some (not all!) other countries, there is no guarantee the the person who assembled that beautiful, often very high-quality bag was treated with dignity and respect from a human rights point of view. I'm not saying that all goods from abroad are the product of sweatshop labor, but I have learned of some disturbing stories through my own reasearch and my husband's experience growing up and living much of his adult life in a "developing" nation.
    I hope this doesn't offend anybody - that is really not my intention at all! I am just trying to clarify what I said about valuing US manufacturing! Sorry to bring a political rant to our happy, handbag-loving space! :flowers:
  14. ITA!! Suddenly, one day I just started loving RM bags. I just got my first MAM and it's everything I expected! I :heart: it!
  15. I think the style is cute and young, but not too young. Classic, but with some cute touches that are not too over the top. I love the Morning After Bag because it is cute and fun to carry and a good value. That's all.

    I dunno how else to explain...I kind of think that with any bag, if you don't "get" the bag or the designer, it is probably not for you and I am not sure we would be able to explain it to you. :smile: Because I think people just like what they like, and don't like what they don't like. Handbags are subjective. But go see it in person and try it on, is my advice!