enlight me on the paris biarritz please :)

  1. my current obsession is this bag and i know i'm a bit late on this LOL

    can someone tell me the retail prices of the styles on this bag and is it on discount? ad how much is it on discount?

    and anyone ever see this style on the left?

    thanks :smile:
  2. Hi, I saw the one on the right in the color of the one on the left. It didn't have pockets on the side. It is awesome, but I was worried about the "white" getting dirty. It was at the Chanel boutique and at full price. I'm seriously considering getting it in all black (has the pockets on the side). I don't know if that helps at all. LOL
  3. Anyway, i will be droppin by to our local chanel store later today. Will let u know the retail price here in singapore, however, as u know it's usually higher than USA.
  4. imonpurseblog, do u know the retail of that bag?

    thaks celia, i believe the spore price is still more reasonable than the chanel store here in jakarta that just opened :sad:
  5. hi there ,I saw it in the display window at the C/b in Vienna recently.It was really big -if it is the size you're interested in- and it shouldn't be on discount since it's a new bag-otherwise it wouldn't be on display-I know they won't ship ouside EU but I can check on the price over the weekend and let you know so you get an idea!:smile:
  6. thanks chanelspell, if u have time to check on the price, i loved to know
  7. I also want Paris Biarritz! I believe the price of medium tote is $1,225, small tote $995. I think the left one is kind of large, so it is must be $1,475, same as large hobo.
  8. I bought a large one, but I returned it because it was too big. It's a lot larger than GST. It would be a great beach bag or travel bag and the price is $1475, not on sale!
  9. Is this style part of the permanent collection now? How long do you think it will be around for?
  10. Just went to the store today and saw a bunch of them in my store (Vancouver, Canada). They had the gold and black one. I know the black one came in both sizes. The gold one might have been the medium?
  11. CHANEL did add the Paris Biarritz to the permanent collection this year.