Enlarged Thyroid Gland & Multiple Cysts? Anyone w/Similar Experience?

  1. Hi, I had to have a MRI done on my cervical spine (after a hard fall from a hammock on top of my head). As a result of the MRI, in addition to some pinched nerves, constant pain, etc., I was found to have the following (totally unrelated to the fall). (1) "There are multiple cysts in both lobes of the thyroid gland and the thyroid gland is enlarged. This is consistent with multinodular goiter." I'm going to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for the pain related to my shoulder area (as a result of the fall). When my internist was reviewing the findings with me, he brought up the thyroid gland findings, and he said we would deal with that after we get my bulging disc, nerve impingement problems under control. But now I'm worried about the thyroid problem. I have googled thyroid, and I have read what I can find. I seem to have some of the symptoms for hypothyroid (I think it is hypo) - I have gained fifteen pounds over the last six months. I have been very tired - taking naps in the afternoon, even after getting eight hours of sleep at night. Please, if anyone can share their personal experiences with this problem, I would appreciate it. BTW, my internist has me on prednisone and other meds to control the inflammation from my accident. So, I can understand why he would not want to confuse any blood tests, etc., for the thyroid diagnosis. Any thoughts? Feel free to PM me if you like. :sad: I just want to feel better.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that about your health! My experience with a thyroid nodule is that the doctors really pushed surgery to have it removed at first. I declined for a few years, since there's no cancer (which I have it checked for religiously every year), and I didn't want to be 100% dependent on a replacement hormone for the rest of my life. The doctors seem to universally recommend synthroid as a medication and it does help. It's a T4 replacement. If you're still really tired after a few months of just that, I'd recommend trying to find a doctor that will let you try a T3 medication with or in place of the T4, just to see if that works for you.

    The first few months are the toughest. My advice would be to read up on all the options for medicating the hypo so you know what you want to try going into the doctor's office. Don't let the doctors tell you that because your blood levels are good, you should be just fine and the tiredness is all in your head. :smash: Keep pestering them, know your hypothyroid stuff inside and out, be willing to try new doctors until you find one that will listen when you say you're still tired/gaining weight/etc. no matter what your tests say.

    I found a doctor that tries new things until I'm happy and it's been the best thing. The only real adjustments over time are that I've had to be more conscious of what I eat because if I don't keep track of stuff now, I do gain some weight. Also, cardio exercise just has to become a regular, religious part of life. And BIGGEST thing if you take synthroid: if you wait around 2 hours before and after taking synthroid before eating, your weight, IMO, regulates itself and will be fine. But if you eat close to taking the meds, especially any food/drink with calcium in it, it seems to reverse the effects of the meds. Before I realized this, I was gaining weight on like 1,000 calories and an hour of heavy cardio a day,:shocked: whereas it used to take over 2,400 to gain an ounce before the thyroid thing. Now I'm about 1600 cals, 45 mins-2 hours cardio 3-5 days a week and just fine. And you will be too...I'm sure of it!!

    Hope that helps! Will keep you in my thoughts.:tender: Hang in there - it does get better!
  3. ^^Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I so appreciate it. Listening to people who have actually had some experience in this area helps to understand some of the internet literature that I am reading. :okay:
  4. I have multiple small nodules on both sides of my thyroid, all too small to biopsy. My thyroid levels are all normal. We just watch and see.....

    It is not uncommon for especially women to have thyroid nodules and never even know they have them.

    I see an ENT that I am very comfortable with, find a MD that you like and like the treatment modality they come up with for you.
  5. ^^Thank you for your post. I'll start talking with my friends about different ENT doctors - I do want to find someone that I like, and I would like to find a woman also. Is your thyroid enlarged, in addition to having the nodules? Because my thyroid is enlarged, sometimes I feel that my throat is really tight and I find it difficult to swallow. I didn't even realize that something was wrong. My difficulty in swallowing has just happened over the last six months or so, and I didn't even think to have it checked out!!!
  6. Hi Lovely,

    Sorry you're having some problems. I can definitely relate to the thyroid problem.

    About 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease. My thyroid had swelled about 6 times it's size (goiter). They initially treated me with Tapazole, which helped but my doctor suggested that I have the radioactive iodone to basically nuke my diseased thyroid.

    So, I am now on Synthroid for the rest of my life to replace my thyroid.

    It's been a long road and I'm not clear yet. I've gained 65 lbs in almost 2 years b/c of this. They have not regulated my meds yet. My numbers are up and down, therefore, they're always changing my meds.

    I am exhausted like never before. But, I think reading more about what you have will help you. My sister had the nodules on her thyroid and had the exact treatment that I had. She lost her weight and they were able to salvage most of her thyroid. She's on no meds and doing great.

    Good luck with everyone and I hope you feel better soon.
  7. My thyroid isn't enlarged. The way I found out was that a viral infection caused a cyst on my thyroid to swell. I had a painful quarter-sized lump on my neck. It really hurt and I was a little scared. The treatment was to take higher does of non-steroidals (Advil) and it went away.

    I had an ultrasound of the thyroid that showed multiple nodules. I then went to the ENT and he had a CT scan of my thyroid done. He said the size is normal and he can't feel the nodules, they are very small but still there. His suggestion was to just watch and wait. They may increase in size and I may need surgery or they might just stay the same forever. He said it is not uncommon for nothing to happen, many people have them and never know.

    If yours is swollen and causing symptoms I would think they would treat you for it. Good luck in finding an ENT and get alot of rest. Let us know what happens!
  8. Hi Piperlu,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your continuing medical problems. I hope that your physician and you will be able to sort out the right dosages and treatments for you. You have been through so much!!! To gain 65 pounds in two years - that is traumatic. And to be so tired all the time. (I know how that feels - from Mrs. Energetic to I need to take a nap in the afternoon) Please let me know how you are doing. I'll share any info that I receive with you.

    My internist scheduled an ultrasound for me on 7/5/07, so I'll post here again as soon as I get the news on that.

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you!
  9. Thanks Caj! I have an ultrasound scheduled for 7/5 - I'll post again when I get results. Thanks everyone so much for sharing your experiences!