Enjoying the SIL stories? here's an oldie but a goodie

  1. So-SIL has 2 sons-they are presently 43 & 38 (SIL is much older than my hubby!). Here's a story she told us a few years ago-might give you some insight into her.

    It seems way back when my oldest nephew was about 5 (before younger nephew was even in the picture), he and SIL were in the apartment complex they used to live in. SIL had a horrible fear of dogs and as she tells it, a dog started chasing her and nephew-she said her and nephew ran through the apartment complex screaming-heading for their apartment. SIL says she was terrified-the dog was acting very vicious-etc. etc..

    So, they are running and running and finally get to their apartment, SIL opens the door, runs in, slams the door behind her and thinks Phew! Just made it, when she hears a banging on the door and her son's little voice yelling "mommy, mommy, let me in!"

    Yep, she had left her little son outside the door. :wtf:

    Now, when she told us this story-hubby and I were floored! She couldn't understand why-so, hubby said-"don't you think that story makes you look bad? I mean, if it were me and I was that afraid of a dog-I would have had my child in my arms, or, at least, running in front of me to make sure he was safe". She just shrugged and said "oh well-he survived" LOL

    I think I need my own "Crazy SIL stories and gifts" thread-I have a ton of them!
  2. OMG she actually tells people about this? :weird:
  3. :roflmfao: Terrible behaviour - but hilarious reading about it.
  4. WHAT? That woman is nuts.
  5. I love these stories -- it is amazing how psycho she is!
  6. LOL. What a freak!
  7. I read all of your most recent stories and this lady is seriously wacko.... oh boy.
  8. Yup...in laws are seomthing. Alot of you know, I have PLENTY of stories to share as well. lol..
  9. Maybe we should have a 'crazy in-laws' sticky!
  10. ^good idea, merika!!
  11. Love that idea!

    Can we get a "crazy in law stories" sticky? Pretty please?
  12. Wow, that is so sick!
  13. Nishi we NEED this SIL thread as sticky and we NEED you to supply us with at least one story per day to brighten our lives ! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. My former mother-in-law was a total dingbat. Sweet as can be but dingy in the head. Her husband was stranded on the shoulder of the highway. He calls her so she can help push his car. He tells her "push me at 25MPH". He got in the car just about the time she hit the back of his car at 25MPH. REALLY! She never told the story but my ex-husband did when he wanted people to know what a dingbat his mom was.
  15. Good God....she makes all of our family members appear normal.. LOL!