Enjoying the more simple things

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  1. I recently bought a black jumbo caviar and I cannot beleive how much I love it!!!!:heart::wlae::wlae:

    I also bought one in white but have not worn that one yet.

    But the black i ADORE. It is so sleek, understated and fabulous!!!! I want one in every color now. Seriously. Only if I had a money tree.

    The title of the thread is "enjoying the more simple things" because I have dozens of bags of all kinds, many of them very busy and detailed. LOL and am sooo surprised at how pleased I am w/ a simple bag like the jumbo caviar. :yahoo:

    I tend to wear a lot of LV and this is a really nice break from all the logos. Not that I won't wear my LV's anymore--I love them too. but i really love the simplicity of Chanel flap bags. :heart:

    I really would like to collect more colors. What other colors are out there in jumbo caviar (besides white, black and red)???
  2. congrats post pic of you wearing the bag i never tire from looking at pfers with chanels :smile:
  3. I've recently seen a beige with silver hardware.
  4. I just got one in beige with silver..I love it!

    congrats on ur black jumbo too!
  5. You just made the jumbo sound so great, you've practically sold me that bag! :nogood:
  6. congrats the black jumbo is beautiful both practical and stunning!!
  7. Congrats! Lets see pics! :yes:
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the black jumbo caviar too--it's one of my very favorite bags!

    I love mine because it's so practical, elegant, classic and fabulous!!!

    I hope you enjoy yours for a long time!
  9. Iluvbags, pls post pix of you & your bag. I got mine in medium cos i thought jumbo is a bit too bulky. Pls, sell me the jumbo with your pix.
  10. I agree with Rain Fan. I had hard time deciding b/w jumbo and medium, actually I bought jumbo originally and exchanged to a medium. The jumbo is stunning but seems too big on me( 5'4 size 2), I like the look on Nicole Richie though. Plus with jumbo I have to dress for the bag, I think I can be casual or dressy with the medium.
  11. a girl can never go wrong with a black jumbo classic... timeless, elegant and just gorgeous! congrats and enjoy, i know how addictive it can be, wanting them in every colour available! :lol:
  12. thanks everyone. I will try to post pics tonight

  13. lol:roflmfao:
  14. Totally agree whe Shea!! That was the best endorsement of the flap ever. Sign me up for every color!!
  15. Congrats! I'm the same way. I have many LVs but I finally found the bag I really like. It's the classic medium flap in caviar. As far as color goes, I thought I saw a jumbo flap in grey with the new chain.