Enjoy with me!! My First Paddy is here!!!

  1. The story ends good: after 15 days of preoccupation, the bag I have ordered from Diabro.net (great website (authentic item (I'll put photos on "authenticate this chloe" to verify)) is arrived!! I was dreaming a Chloè Paddington from ages, but my budget was little because until Feb 22 I was a student..Now I've taken my graduate degree and one of my gift is this bag!!
    I can't believe it: the bag of my dream is here!!!! She is so beutiful, so cute!! The leather is very soft and smooshy and smeells good!!! The color is muscade, and I love it!! Oh..It's a dream!!Every time that I look My Baby Paddy I love her more then before!!
    I want to thank You: I love this website, because there is great solidarity and comprhension! In thease months I've made stupid answers and I had stupid fears, because of my inexperience (I'm recent to this passion), but You have ever answered me to help me and I have learned so much!!
    Now you are the one who can understand how I feel in this moment..

  2. Congrats! Theres nothing like a first paddy. How much did they charge you for shipping? I must warn you, its a slippery slope. Pretty soon you'll want friends and accessories for your paddy lol
  3. Lovely. Welcome to the club - looking for a cross body in muscade for my next purchase:drool:
  4. congrats on your first baby paddy! i have them in whiskey and castor and still luv them both to death!
  5. Thank you!!:yahoo:
    Shipping= 35$+ 42euros(iva+customs).
    I'm agree: I already want other Chloe Paddington items!!!!:wlae:
  6. Thank you!!
    I hope You'll find that bag soon!! Muscade is a great color!! :love:
  7. Thank you so much!!! My next Baby Paddy will be blanc or sand....:tender:
  8. Other pics!!:party: (sorry for bad photos quality)

  9. And the last two pics..:smile:

  10. It is GORGEOUS! Looks fabulous with the hardware :yahoo:

    I am loving muscade more and more. Your's looks smooshy too :love:
  11. Congratulations!!! Your bag is gorgeous!!! Enjoy - you deserve it!! :smile:
  12. :party: Oh...Thank you everyone!!!
    This is a great day for me: my bag is here and this is my 100 post!! I want celebrate this moment with you!!!:drinks:
  13. CONGRATS!!!!! your paddy is sooo pretty!
  14. Welcome to the club:flowers:
    Congrats on getting your first paddy!:yahoo:
  15. WOW! Your Paddy looks divine! That leather looks so sumptuous that I want to just feel it between my fingers right now!!!!!! (sorry if this sounds weird:biggrin:)

    I'm so glad that this worked out finally in the end! Thank you very much for helping me with my dilemma, too!!!!!