Enjoy $100 off your purchase of $300 or More

  1. Hey sweetcheeks! Where you been hiding??
  2. Inspired by GingerLady, when I stopped by the Coach store today to decide finally on a new bag (I got the Kristin metallic leather round satchel), I mentioned at checkout that I didn't have a coupon, and asked the gentleman who was ringing me up if he could do anything to help me with that? And he nodded and gave me the $100. off! I was very happy! So it does "pay" to ask! :biggrin:

    Thanks to everyone on this forum for your great photos and helpfulness, too --- I average about 1 new Coach bag per year and this forum is a great resource (and temptation because of all the beautiful bags you own! :biggrin:) when I'm looking!
  3. I PM'd you Doll...
  4. I went into my FP store in Columbia, MD today and they told me they would take 25% off anything I wanted. It may be because Lord & Taylor are in the same mall offering 25% off Coach with the F&F sale........or it could be that I was the only person in the store for the entire 30 minutes I was there and the only other person that came in had a $400+
  5. Does anyone still have a $100 off coupon they are not using...please PM me as I could really use it!! Thanks in advance!
  6. Go to facebook for 25% coupon :smile: