Engraving Love Bracelet

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  1. I'm thinking of engraving my love bracelet. What was your experience with engraving at Cartier? How long does it take and do they also polish the bracelet? Thanks!
  2. They take about a week to polish it (i did mine at saks fifth ave in nyc) they didn’t polish mine, just cleaned it
  3. They generally quote 1 week but it usually is done within 3-5 days. May differ depending upon intricacy of your engravement. Polish was not performed along with the engraving request.
  4. I just brought mine in for engraving. They quoted 2-3 weeks. Can’t wait to see the results!
  5. So the turn around time was less than two weeks for mine. I love the engraving and the personal touch it has now.
    Only problem is one of the screws is completely stuck! It was not like this when I brought it in. Both screws moved. Now one is immobile.
    Cartier is sending me a FedEx return envelope and they will “assess” the piece.

    One thing I must say is I get really great service at Cartier!
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  6. Reviving an old thread. How many characters are you able to engrave? Was it just a name or did anyone do a short quote? Please let me know.
  7. I think the limit is something like 10-12 characters, so a date and initials are about it. Some stores are now able to do the engraving while you wait in house. They did mine in the store when I got it a month or so ago. I fully expected to have them send it out as they have done in the past.

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  8. I had engraved my daughter's first and middle name; one week turn around time and they did polish, though I didn't want them to..
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  9. I had mine engraved. Took about two weeks. I love the personalized touch,
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  10. Thank you all for your response. I went to the Costa Mesa biotique and they did it while I waited. I was able to get a heart symbol my first name and the year I bought it 2019. I wasn’t able to get the quote I wanted but they said I could do that on a watch.
    Yes I like the personal touch as well.
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  11. We're engraving twins! South Coast is also where I had mine engraved about a month ago. They had just gotten the machine and the SA was excited that they now could engrave on site. I purchased the Love, told them what I wanted it to say, went for a walk around the mall and picked it up in about an hour. Sure beats waiting a week or two and having to make a trip back to the store. Congrats on your new addition!!