Engraving Cartier wedding band

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  1. Hi! I'm looking to get my husbands wedding band engraved but Cartier said they only do 10 characters. I'm looking to do a phrase. Has anyone else been able to do so? TIA!
  2. Mine is hand engraved and longer than 10 characters but this was done 5 years ago in their Frankfurt boutique
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  3. hi, i just engraved my trinity ring. the SA said not more than 15 characters
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  4. Hmmm maybe I can have some one do it after? Will that void any warranty?
  5. not sure about that, call and ask?

  6. I had a phrase done in mine. 17 characters. Maybe it depends on the location? This was for a 2mm plain band. They have also engraved a long phrase in a much wider plain band for me. I wasn't aware of a limit only that it be doable with the space that was available in the ring. Hmm
  7. I guess I have to just go there. Maybe depends on who you talk to?
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  8. It was a 2.5mm band. I just checked. Yes go there and talk to someone else. See what they say.
  9. Thanks everyone!