English Speaking SA in Paris?

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  1. Okay... So I'm going to Paris next month and I'm FINALLY gonna get a bag. I've been in London for the past few months but I'm waiting to shop with the Euro because the American dollar is TERRIBLE.

    Anyways, I don't speak a lick of french. Like I can't even fake it. Is there somewhere that I can go that speaks better english? I understand that I am gonna be a tacky American no matter where I go, but I thought I'd ask everyone here just in case someone knows the best place to find an English speaking SA...

    Let me know and thanks!
  2. Don't worry! Most SA's will speak English in Paris. I never ever had problems with it. My French is the worst and even if you try, they will eventually switch to English. Paris is still a tourist city ;)
  3. Pretty sure the majority of SAs in the Paris boutiques will speak English (actually, the majority of SAs I encountered in Paris - in boutiques, department stores, whatever - spoke perfect English, and even though I wanted to use my rather rusty French, they were more than happy to switch to English when my French was failing me). At the very least I would imagine that each Céline boutique would have one that speaks English.
  4. Yup, most SA speaks english for sure! No language barrier at all.
  5. Hi!
    As previously said, they ALL speak English (and even some chinese languages!). In the Celine boutiques but also in the dept store, galleries, printemps, le bon marché.