English Post stole my scarf!

  1. I live in London and have been on eBay for about 3 years now, I order from USA a lot, even big items and never had a problem in my life (well, apart from paying taxes!) :cursing: So I bought this 90 dollar Pucci scarf from a seller in California and stupidly didn't want to pay 21$ for insuring it. So 10 days letter (yesterday) I receive an envelope and to my horror it was cut open and the scarf was stolen! It is obvious the seller has sent it because it was cut through the stamps. I was so upset I actually cried :crybaby: ... It was a very special scarf, with the print exactly as I wanted and Pucci doesn't make them anymore :sad: So what am I to do?I have no proof that I received the envelope like this because it didn't require a signature. I emailed the seller, the seller was very nice and responsive and she said Paypal wouldn't cover me becuase they only insure in case the seller doesn't send it at all, but the seller has the receipt from the post. She said my only hope is filing a claim with the post. Is this true? What am I to do now? :sad:
  2. I would call the post office and ask for a supervisor. It may be that there is something that can be done. Maybe there have been other complaints about your carrier. Don't give up hope yet.
  3. Actually, I think paypal WILL cover you, because it is on the seller to provide proof that you RECEIVED the merchandise. Her proof of simply sending it off is not enough. There were horror stories from sellers in this forum of losing paypal claims to shady buyers when USPS didn't bother to get a signature or delivery confirmation scan (theywere sure that the package was actually received). I think the conclusion from the story is that sellers should require insurance regardless so that if that happens at least they can get the money back from the postal office.

    However, since you are sure that the seller is honest and sent the merchadise, you might feel that it's unfair to lay it on her. After all, you chose not to pay insurance. It is your call.

  4. Well, looking at it again, I realized it was stamped on the same day she sent it, so in theory, she could have paid for all the stickers and then take a knife and cut it open before putting an empty envelope in the postbox... :shrugs: Honesty, I can't imagine what kind of person would do that... But I cannot imagine a post worker in the UK stealing something so small eaither, i mean, it doesn't even look valuable from just looking at the package... :s
  5. Weird story, but What I wanna know is why Insurance is 21$ on a 90$ scarf. That is ridiculous. I refuse to ship without insurance, and include it in the shipping costs.
  6. Does the seller have good feedback? If she's had a good long history of selling on eBay, I don't see why she would try to pull this on you with a $90 item.

    Also, you said that the cut was through the stamps, I'm not sure if the postal service will accept marred stamps as postage, meaning that if she cut it before the post office stamped it, I'm not sure the post office would have accepted it. I do know she doesn't have a chance to do it afterwards, because my post office never gives the package back to me after they stamp it.
  7. tods123: Her feedback is pretty impressive - around 900 and she's been selling since 1999 and only has 2 negatives... I really doubt she tried to con me. It's just not worth it for this kind of money, and this was one of the cheaper Items I think, she sells lots of chanel, dolce, cavalli etc.

    impasto: well, that's just the figure she gave me and I had to go with it. It seemed very high to me as well and nothing ever went wrong for me before, so I just never bothered to pay.... Oh well. Even if I get that money back, i'd still be very upset because i know I won't find that scarf anywhere again...
  8. Sorry this happened to you! Once they stamp on the stamps at the PO here they do not give the package back to you.
    My sister lives in London and went through something similar so it is definitely not unheard of, she wasn't sure if it was a postal worker or someone in her apt building. Now I always mail stuff to her office rather than her home address.

    I cannot imagine any seller with a good reputation would do something like this for a $90 item. Also insurance for $100 is $2 and change.