English and french bulldogs for sell

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  1. My name is Mrs Joy and i am a deaf lady married to a deaf husband.We have been married for over 30 years now and i have been Breeding puppies for over 21 years now.A mother of 2 kids...Myself and my husband manage a home for breeding puppies and we have adorable english and french bulldog.Ranging from 2 weeks and 6 months.
    If you are interested to adobt/buy any of the bull dog and will make sure you will take care of.
    We got both males and females.They are pure breed puppies .They will grow up healthily to be breeders too if you wish,40-55 lbs. 12"-14" Close, short and smooth coat. Various brindles, most frequently, red. White and pied (white with any brindle). And, "Dudley" (black and black with tan) being undesireable.The puppies are very cute and healthy too.They have taken all vaccines and dewormings.The puppies will come alongside a care guide and a kit containing dog items.The puppies are all home raised and well trained.They love human comapany.They will be your perfect companion.They puppies are so playful,energetic and eager to learn.The priceis with shipping fees included


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  2. Um you cant do that here. Its against the rules which you should have read prior to posting. Your puppies are cute..however this is a handbag forum.
  3. Ok granted English Bulldogs are my FAVORITE dogs in the world, you can not sell them here. So I have to close this thread. Please re-read the rules! We would love to have you stay and post more :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.