England Essentials?

  1. to entertain myself for another year because my trip was canceled this summer due to forces beyond my control, i started thinking about next year where i'll most like be moving to england.

    i was thinking what would i need for that, shopping fun wise?

    *umbrella of course..
    what else?
  2. I LOVE England -- you are so lucky! I'd just shop for some nice sweaters and lightweight jackets. The weather is so much more temperate than the US northeast. What about reading some novels set in England? Anytime I go on vacation to someplace new, I always read a book set there to get in the mood. Loads of great mysteries are set in London.
  3. another umbrella for a backup just incase your first one gets lost/stolen/broken. You can never have too many umbrellas in England.. LOL!
  4. We have a lot less rain than we used to overall, as we are experiencing water shortages in the South East, but today I started out with a T shirt and have put a lambswool cardigan on, the weather changes so much within each day !

    You`ll find the Mulberry Joel on ebay today in the UK : ) (no, not mine !!)
  5. fashionable clothes definitely - as people in london dress so well - try to buy some english makes like paul smith,stella etc. No need to bring really warm clothes/coats either
  6. MandM- what a great idea!! i never thought about doing that!

    lol true, you can never have too many umbrellas, seeing especially how i always manage to misplace them.

    thanks for the clothing options girls!
  7. thanks but i want the joel because of its regular price, if i was going to buy it on ebay then id totally get that beautiful seth:heart:333. if anyone knows a store that carries a mulberrry side pack.. in the us.. i cant buy from ebay at this time, but thanks for looking out for me!