ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?


Aug 28, 2021
8.09 fancy light yellow ring, with side prongs for our anniversary. I have 72 hours group! Keep or return. All help is really appreciated.
A little background- we were in search of a 10 carat but stumbled accesos this stone. I love the color it is excellent for me, but being so deep it’s not what exactly making my heart skip a beat. Keep or return? This would be my last diamond ring- I swear! This would also be my 3rd engagement ring-I have my original round and I have an upgrade from October of last year (an 8.01 emerald cut diamond)
Hi!!! I’m so happy we returned this engagement ring— we continued to search high and low and was able to locate a 10 carat diamond. It is exactly what I wanted. I posted it above individually but though I would show the happy results here. (It is not easy to find a 10 carat diamond-lots and lots of legwork. May do an individual threat on the experience)

here is another pic (now linking stories) of my engagement ring.



Apr 29, 2021
2.02 round center diamond. Can’t remember the other stats or what the diamond weights on the band are totaled at. I know the diamonds on the band are D color. It’s a Jack Kelege ring set in platinum.