ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. I love your ring! It's beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you plan to do for a wedding ring to accentuate that gorgeous e-ring (when the time comes, that is).

    Congrats on the recent engagement!
  2. :biggrin: wow! I love it!
    Congrats on your engagement!
  3. :smile:
    beautiful ring!

  4. Center: 1.51, G, VS2
    Sidestones: 0.50 total, G, VS/SI
    Metal: 19k white gold
    Ring size: 4.5
    DSC04001.JPG DSC04015.JPG DSC04016.JPG DSC04018.JPG
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  5. Love looking at these pics, BEAUTIFUL rings!!! :cloud9:
  6. Nwhite, your ring is gorgeous, and 4everLV, wow, i like that- very unique :smile:
  7. 4everLV - Very nice! I was wondering what yours looked like straight on, after seeing your avatar.
  8. Absolutely STUNNING!
    Congratulations xx
  9. Gonna try again:smile:
    Photo0265 (800x598).jpg Photo0267 (800x600).jpg Photo0268 (800x600).jpg
  10. ^Gorgeous!

  11. Any update on yours? Im dying of anticipation :nuts:
  12. tahni- i love your unique sapphire ring!

  13. Thanks ladies!! I'm still very excited! I can't stop looking at it :biggrin:.

    Here's one more on the rose petals my fiance proposed to me with :love:

  14. ^beautiful!
  15. Lets fill this thread up with some eye candy :smile: Heres mine. I'm posting again since I've refallen in love with it. :cloud9:
    ring.jpg ring2.jpg ring3.jpg ring4.jpg