ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

  1. Just picked up my upgrade for our upcoming 5 year wedding anniversary (also celebrating baby #2 on the way)! This was always my dream set, and I'm so thrilled with it.

    Tiffany & Co. Solitaire 2.03ct
    Tiffany & Co. Full Eternity Band 1.76 ct (22 x .08ct stones), 3mm thick
    Size 6 finger for reference

    One of the pics is sideways, don't know how to adjust this.
  2. :woot::yahoo::woohoo::heart::heart::heart:
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  3. Wowwie! And now I know what a 2ct is gonna be like on my hand. *photoshops onto my hand*
  4. Aww, Thanks!!! :hugs:

    Thanks! lol, yes, Ame, I have to say, I always dreamed of having a 2 ct solitaire, and I am absolutely loving it. I think it is really a great size stone for a ring. Nice and substantial, but not over the top (although there's nothing wrong with over the top, either:p)
  5. I love your ring! It's a beauty! Simple and ethereal!
  6. Congratulations! It's stunning! I'd love to see some close-ups.
  7. Congras! beautiful set!
  8. Thank You. So sweet. :smile:

    Thanks, will do!

    Thank You!
  9. Upon request, I am posting a few closeups including some enlarged pics of the ones I already posted. Don't mean to bombard the thread. Just excited to share after lusting for this set for so long!




  10. Congrats on baby #2 and happy anniversary! Your ring is stunning and looks beautiful on your finger. You have the perfect wedding set any girl can ever dream of! :loveeyes:
  11. :nuts: *Faint* it's beautiful!!!
  12. Thank You! :smile: You are all too kind!
  13. What an elegant set NY Village Girl. Really stunning and gorgeous on your hands. The band matches so nice with the solitaire!!!
  14. Favorite ring and band combo of all time! I die!