Engagement ring, simple or not?

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  1. I'm picking out my own engagement ring, fiance tried but had no idea what to get and really wants me to pick one out. Its so confusing. How did you pick?

    Right now I'm between a very classic look, like the Tiffany 6 prong round solitaire, or something more vintage like the Legacy ring at Tiffany or something with a halo (saw a lovely ring by Vera Wang).
  2. Wow! Did he give you a budget? Woohoo - what fun!

    I would recommend something simple, because it is more timeless that way. You don't want something that is going to look really dated. You can't go wrong w/ tiffany 6 prong. Personally - I am not a fan of 6 prong, I like 4 prong better. But depending on how big your rock will be (anything over 1.5 carats - depending on the setting style) you might need the 6.

    My advice for jewelry (or anything for that matter) is always, less-is-more and Keep It Simple!!

    just my 2cents! Good luck and HAVE FUN!
  3. i tried on a a bunch of rings to see what looked best. even rings i didn't think i liked. that's how i found out i actually LOVE the halo/pave/antique-y look....before i tried it on, it just seemed gaudy. and step cuts (emerald/ascher) i thought i wanted a classic RB solitaire (maybe a princess), but it turns out they look awful on my hands.

    jewelry style is such a personal thing. i am also not married to the sentimentality of my ring....i have no issues changing it if i get tired or find something i like more. that's something else you'll have to decide how you feel about...is this your "forever" ring or do you want to upgrade eventually?

    i'd direct you to pricescope, but i'm pretty sure i've already seen you around there. :smile:
  4. first of all congrats!!
    my engagement ring is the classic tiffany style in 6 prong too. mine isnt massive (1ct), but i like how the look wont date in time and i think simple is best too though ive seen some gorgeous bling as well.
    here is pic of mine with the wedding band together. i have placed a pic in different thread as well, but this pic was taken more like fr sideway compare from the top on the other thread.

    good luck :heart: I love looking through rings and pick one for myself :smile:

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  5. Your set is beautiful!;)
  6. i spent a copious amount of time on a diamond forum, pricescope.com, it was terribly helpful in getting the very best for your money.

    my ring is quite untraditional, its a burmese ruby with a diamond halo. I quite like it!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have a buget of sorts to work with. I'll probably end up with about a 1 ct. ring - depending. I would be more comfortable thinking its ok to change the ring later, but I think my fiance feels like its a forever ring. The 4 prong setting at Cartier is gorgous, but they're prices are so high that I don't know that I could get a 1 ct. + ring there.

    My favorites on my hand are the simple rings but also the Tiffany Legacy ring (but I don't think they have any 1 ct. rings right now) and a ring by Vera Wang that has an amazing halo - that one might be out of the budget though, hmmm.

    Pricescope is great! Love it. Although all I need is a diamond habit.

    I have alot of more detailed jewelry but I tend to wear the simpler stuff more often - although that could be because I'm an attorney and I'm usually at work - hard to say.

    Here is a Vera Wang ring that I haven't tried on yet, but its lovely - I think they do it in diamonds too - this one is rock crystal.

  8. ohhhh....are there stones on top of the prongs? what a gorgeous ring!
  9. That is beautiful! If you even think you may want to add later to it and you don't think he'll go for changing it, go super plain and as big and high quality as you can afford, later you can alwasy add an anniversary band or something.
    But if you pick a frou frou band now and he doesn't like the idea of change, you may not be able to add a band alongside it later.
  10. I walked into a store, saw the ring and knew it was mine. It was really that simple. You have to go shopping in person and try things on or you won't know how different shapes and sizes will actually look on your hand. But beyond that, I have no advice other than to get the ring you love.
  11. ^^^^
    LOL, I've tried on lots of rings - too many of them look great. I think maybe its best to go with simple so that everything else goes with it.

    The diamonds are in the prongs on top of that ring - maybe I can get that one as a right hand ring, in rock quartz its only $1,600. But I also bet it would look great with a diamond.
  12. ^^^ For me, there was great and there was PERFECT. :shrugs: I guess not everyone has that experience of finding THE RING... but then again, if you're shopping for a diamond solitaire, they all look the same. My ring is very unique so it really stood out to me from the start.
  13. That's so cool. I kinda am having the same option as you. Everyone seems to be getting engaged now, it's weird. My fiance bought me a champagne diamond cluster ring for engagement. I am getting it Thursday (had to be appraised 1st)! BUT, I also got a loose 1.50ct black diamond. What I want to do is set it in a pave ruby band/semi-mount. Rubies all over and then the black diamond solitaire! So, I am getting sort of a choice - haha.

    The Tiffany classic sounds beautiful. I always prefer 6 prong over 4. Congrats on your engagement!!!! :heart:
  14. ^^^^
    I love the idea of the black stone with rubies, very nice. (Not for an engagement ring for me but definitely something I'd love). I'd do that in an Art Deco setting.
  15. I picked out a shape first, then went to an actual store and tried them on. You'll definitely know what works for you when you put it on your finger. I'm a princess diamond fan myself and I had wanted one for years before I got it. Now that I have it I love it and I gaze at it often ...