Engagement ring shopping

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  1. Hello all!

    I am shopping for an engagement ring for my girlfriend, and would like a little advice. I realise that this is not an easy choice, so have done some research. I have a modest budget of £2000/$3000. I would like to focus more on the diamond, as I can have it put into a nicer setting for a future anniversary.

    I want to take her to NY for her birthday (we are in London), and proposing then; but this depends on whether the exchange rate would work in my favour. I would think that this means I can get more ring for my money.

    The diamonds I have been looking at are:

    1/2 to 3/4 carat range, RB cut (although I really like the Leo cut)
    H/G colour
    Very Good/Ideal cut
    VS1 - VS2 clarity

    and a Platinum solitaire setting. This has been coming out at more than my budget, and would mean that I cannot afford NY :sad:

    Can anyone advise on where I can buy from in NY, and if this would enable me to buy a better ring?


  2. First of all welcome!

    I would suggest doing some online research first. Good Old Gold is a good place to start and I believe Jonathan is in NY. www.goodoldgold.com There's also a company called "White Flash" and "Blue Nile" to give you some ideas.

    Sift through the threads here as well using the search function. There's a lot of discussion about what you should look/ask for while diamond shopping.

    And remember...cut is one of the most important factors to consider. You're better off with a smaller BETTER CUT diamond than a larger, slightly more clear one.

    May I ask what you mean by "Leo cut"? I'm not certain what or who you're referring to.

    By the way......to have some fun, I'd also check out Leon Mege's website www.artofplatinum.com for some great setting ideas!

    I'm sure more members will chime in here.
  3. The only place I've seen a "leo" cut is Kay Jewelry and if that's the company you're talking about I would definitely say that you can get a better price elsewhere. Definitely look online at the websites mentioned above. Congratulations on your upcoming engagement!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Contessa!

    I forgot to mention that I have been sifting through BlueNile.com. It's a good website and certainly cheaper than a branded ring. I will check out White Flash too.

    The Leo diamond is (I believe) a modified RB cut:


    I've really noticed the difference between carat and cut importance! I viewed a 1 carat diamond (ungraded mind you) against a 1/2 Leo diamond. The Leo was far far nicer!

    P.s. Leon's site is amazing. Wish I could afford: http://www.artofplatinum.com/portfolio/details.php?image_id=50 :biggrin:
  5. ^^just an additional tip. esp important when buying a smaller stone - clarity is soooo important! it will make a smaller diamond look bigger.
  6. The Leo diamonds are interesting! Thank you for the link.

    Aren't Leon Mege's settings brilliant? There's also Mark Morell!! He's excellent too.

    Settings aside, I can see your goal is to purchase THE BEST diamond within your budget.

    We can help!!! You've come to the right place......& we're nice here too!
  7. Agreed completely. Jon is on Long Island, an easy Long Island Railroad train ride out. I wear a star129 stone, which is a round with many extra facets, more than a Leo, though. I went there in February to look around

    They don't have many Star129s on their site but he can get a bunch from the company into the store for you if you explain what you're looking for.
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    I must respectfully disagree with this post. The cut is the most important aspect in choosing a diamond. It is responsible for the brilliance, fire and sparkle in the stone. It can make a smaller stone look larger because of its superior performance. It has better light return than a less than precisely cut stone. I would also recommend Good Old Gold and ask to see their top performing hearts and arrow diamonds, graded AGS 0. A G VS2 would probably do very nicely. Have fun on your trip to NY.
  9. ^yes :yes:
  10. Thanks to all so far. I am starting to see the limits of my knowledge on diamonds :smile:
  11. :flowers:
  12. Stick around & this will soon disappear!
  13. Good Old Gold has a lot of great educational stuff on their site too. Just make sure you get yourself a killer cut and you're set.
  14. I'm just checking out Good Old Gold now. The Star129 looks nice, but I am not sure if it fits into my budget.

    I know if you have to ask, you can't afford it, but does anyone know the pricing on a 0.5 carat Star129?
  15. it would depend on the color and clarity. Id wager 2K max but email them or call them and see if they can get in touch with the company for a few ideas.

    They have a 0.5ct F SI1 Branded Star129 Diamond for $3,000, but it could be cheaper with a wire-transfer price. They can bring in other options though with other color/clarity combos that would allow for either a slightly larger stone at a lower color or the same size at a lower color for a lower cost. That one is kind of "off" their normal cut though. It's not a very good Star129.

    DEFINITELY call them.