Engagement ring setting price advice

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  1. so i went full on setting browsing today...i found the perfect setting, super delicate and I mean delicate approx .45 pts teeny diamonds in a halo setting cushion.

    I was quoted at $750 for it (im sure i can bargain down)...and it was G-H color, super sparkly and 14K gold. The diamonds must be like 1pt or sth smaller if possible (do they make them in 1/2 pts)? It was teeny but still significant.

    Is that price too much? being from Asia (Thailand), I am surrounded by great family jewelers and jewelry cost there is so much lower than here in the US.

    I bought my G color .30 pt half eternity band (15 diamonds) in VS2 or SI1 or better quality and 18K gold for only $250. And this is from a small diamond boutique in a high end dept store (the Emporium in Bangkok)

    My question is, I know that I will be paying more for my engagement ring in the US but what is the reasonable price for this particular setting that I am loving?
  2. That price seems very resonable for a halo setting. A lot of people spend $1k on the setting, but it never hurts to haggle a bit. Jewelry prices are usually somewhat negotiable.
  3. thanks for the info. I think i am just not use to the overprice factor here compared to Asia, I guess I was expecting 18K at least at that US price because its rare to find 14K jewelry in Asia.

    It was a super super thiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn halo too....alot thinner than the 2 points on my diamond band.

  4. Prices In Asia are higher compared to the US the reason being currency evaluation and service cum custom tax.
  5. in my experience buying jewelry in asia, it seems to be lower than here in the US.

    ^ since you're in the jewelry field, do you think $750 with say 45 1pt diamonds is too much in a 14K halo setting? I really dont know much about these things. I would appreciate your advice.
  6. My motto is that if it's what you want, buy it at any cost. Your peace of mind is worth it :smile:
  7. I'm a Jeweler and I don't think that is way overboard...unless it's a manufactured piece with I1-I2 diamonds.

    For a quality made, custom handcrafted piece of Jewelery with VS diamonds you should expect to pay $550+
    The Diamonds alone for VS, 1mm rds are roughly $300-400 per carat. Factor in labor, the price of gold and you easily get up there in cost.

    However, you can easily find lower quality manufactured pieces out of country for $300ish.
  8. thanks japster!

    since the diamonds are small, i would basically have to take the seller's words when it comes to clarity right? Yeah i totally didnt think about labor costs of the US compared to Asia.

    I was thinking that piece was around 500-650 because when i went to a jeweler across from this particular one with the setting i love, their 18K and halo, similar style and super sparkly diamond settings...it was in the high $500s-600.

    So it leads me to think whats a fair haggling price? I would really want them to remake that setting using 18K, 14K bugs me...its a totally Asian thing for me.
  9. I'd say to knock off 20-25% off and start there for haggling.

    The labor can be intensive. I spend hours and hours on some of my custom pieces. Custom pieces are a totally different ballgame than the manufactured, mass-produced by the hundreds type ring settings. I hope that helps. :smile:

    Edited to Add: And as far as clarity...most stones that are under .40 carat are NOT certified just because it's not cost effective to have them GIA/EGL/PGS cert'd. Ask for an appraisal to come FREE with the ring stating it's clarity/color on paper.