Engagement Ring question

  1. We are newbies to all of this. We are starting to look at engagement rings and want to see how much our $$$ can take us.

    Here are the qualifications:

    1) $40-45K (with taxes---if we bought from a store (ie: Cartier) that is not in our state, does that mean taxes can be witheld?)
    2) Would like upwards of 1.5-2 carats
    3) Want it to be from Tiffanys, Cartier or HW
    4) In terms of the other C's---we do not know much about them yet, but at first glance at least VVS1 and above and D, E, F
    5) open to any cut at this point

    Are we being realistic? We haven't gone into our store yet b/c we didn't want to be "take advantage of" due to our inexpertise.

    One last question---can prices be "neogiated" at those stores above?

    Many thanks!
  2. too bad you're set on those deisgner's . . . you can get a flawless 2 carat for half of that from a broker, perfetcly ideal brilliant cut, color and all:yes:
    You can PM me if you want more info.
    IMO, you won't be able to tell a difference between a D or E, or an E or F. E is more than sufficient for up to 2.5 carats.
  3. If you live in a Sate that doesn’t have sales tax, you can purchase tax exempt if you show your State driver’s license to prove your tax free status. Otherwise, you will have to pay tax, or be sure to visit a store in a tax free state.

    The most important of the 4 c’s is the cut of the stone. You want to get a very well cut stone to insure that it takes the most light in, and reflects to most light back out (this is referred to usually as an “ideal” cut stone. While the term "ideal cut" applies mostly to round brilliant cuts, all diamond shapes have ideal proportions that will maximize light).

    You can find a well cut/ideal cut stones in 1.5 + ct weights through diamond brokers at significant savings over stores like Cartier, HW, and Tiffany (which charge you for their large marketing departments), which will help you stay in your $40k – 45k budget.

    On clarity: If you go with a round brilliant, cushion, princess, or radiant cut diamond that has an “ideal” cut, keep in mind that VS2 or even SI1 will look just as sparkly and perfect as a VVS1, but it will cost you significantly less!! Its only if you choose a square cut like an asscher or an emerald, that you truly get your moneys worth from a clarity rating of VVS1/VVS2.

    I believe that everything is negotiable – just make sure to be casual and not show too much interest in any item. They have to believe that you would walk away for them to truly negotiate with you, it also helps to have shopped around and know what market prices are for stones of certain specs.
    Have fun and let us know what you decide!
  4. You put all of very concisely! I totally agree with you!
  5. I totally 100% agree with everything above with one exception: the first statement is only true in states that have agreed to waive the sales tax. i.e. Oregon buyers who shop in the state of Washington get this consideration, but when we shop in any other western state, we have to ship our item home to save the sales tax.
  6. Thanks for everyone's insight so far---sounds like we have lots to think about and learn before making the big plunge.

    Swanky: You pose a great point about buying from elsewhere---definitely a consideration---will PM you closer to the time

    The HUNT is on :yahoo:
  7. it's a TON of fun. . . . enjoy!!!!!!
  8. My friend was quoted over 45K for a J/VS2 princess cut at Tiffany.
  9. what size?
  10. Sometimes the name costs a ton... keep that in mind like some others have said. Having a broker would be a great idea- at least to compare things with.
  11. I agree to at least visit a private jeweller or broker first, to get some idea of the prices and stones available - you can get better value for money if you forsake the design name.

    I would definitely still go to somewhere like Cartier or Graaf to get an idea of some of the great designs that are available and see if a private jeweller will make it for you.

    If you're set on something from those designers though, make sure you get the tax issue right.

    Good luck with your choices and have fun!
  12. Oh wow, I did not know that! Good to know! Thanks. :smile:
  13. Go to pricescope.com. They have forums up at the top of the page. Those people will help you learn everything you ever wanted to know about diamonds. All of the posts here are right on. Cut - absolute first priority. Congratulations and keep us posted.
  14. i agree with suzi. you can find all the guidance you will need. good luck and bring back your pics. :yes:
  15. If you like Harry Winston here is some information that I thought might be helpful in your search. There seems to be enough information about Tiffany's now (see my thread and others).

    Ring – platinum, diamond
    Containing: 1 Round diamond 1.76cts (Color E, clarity VS1)
    Platinum setting
    PRICE: $48,900

    Ring – platinum, diamond
    Containing: 1 Round diamond 1.61cts (Color E, clarity VS2)
    Platinum setting
    PRICE: $40,300

    Also, the GIA certificates for both diamonds, specifies that each is 1) well cut, 2)excellent polish 3) very good symmetry 4) none fluorescence. These specs are very important in determining the over all beauty of the stone.

    1.40 cts. F-VVS1 $33,500
    1.56 cts. F-VS2 $35,600
    1.76 cts. E-VS1 $48,900

    1.37 cts. Center stone, F-VVS2, 2PS side stones: .31 ct.$33,000
    1.56 cts.. F-VS1, 2 Tapered Baguette side stones .23 ct.$39,500
    1.51 cts. E-VS2, 2 TB .24 ct. $38,100
    1.70 cts. F-VVS2, 2 TB .32 ct. $48,200

    Good luck.
    HW.jpg HW2.jpg HW1.7.jpg HW1.56.jpg