Engagement ring - natural fancy yellow stone.

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  1. I am looking at an antique (1920s) ring with a natural fancy yellow main stone and a shoulder of two white stones.

    I don't wear any jewellery (apart from the odd bit of costume) and this is an engagement ring and I will probably wear on the right occasionally too.

    Question is whether anyone went with yellow and then got sick of it after a while?
  2. yup. i did. my original e-ring (that i lost after a year and a half of being married) was yellow gold, and even though it was beautiful, i grew tired of the yellow gold not long after.

    when i received my replacement check after i lost it, i bought my replacement e-ring in white gold.

    but, if i didn't lose it, i was planning on getting it dipped anyway which i believe isn't very expensive. so if you desire your e-ring to be YG, then get it! you never know, you may love it forever, but even if you change your mind, you can always dip it later.
  3. It's so hard to choose between yellow and white gold. I can never choose. I hadn't actualy even got around to thinking about the band and was all caught up in the stone!
    But a lot of people say yellow diamonds are better with yellow gold so I am going to have to choose!
  4. What type of gold do you wear normally? (Other jewelry) For instance, I mix and match metals so wear both WG and YG, however, I prefer YG as that looks better with my skin tone. I think you should go for whichever gold you wear the most with other jewelry. IMO, a yellow stone would look better with YG. BTW, I think a yellow diamond is beautiful as an engagement ring. I believe that is what Jennifer Lopez got from Marc Anthony, a canary diamond (yellow.) Harry Winston always has beautiful yellow diamond erings in their display. If you prefer WG, you can still have a yellow diamond. It looks beautiful either way.
  5. I absolutely love yellow diamonds and for the longest time thought I wanted one for my engagement ring. Here is the one I was in love with: http://servisandtaylor.com/2_1.php. But when it came down to decision time I realized that I would get tired of it after a while. I didn't want to regret my choice so ultimately I decided to go with a colorless diamond. I still admire yellow diamond engagement rings. But I'm glad with my final decision. I am planning to get some yellow diamond earring soon at least I can switch them out if I get tired of them.
  6. I can't say from experience if you'll get sick of it or not, but I do think yellow diamonds are gorgeous... and I particularly like them set in yellow gold.
  7. Personally, I would not get sick of looking at the stone. Yellow diamonds are TDF. The more intense in color, the more the piece makes my heart sing.
  8. I love yellow diamonds and think they are much more unusual and richer looking than regular diamonds.
  9. Yellow diamonds are gorgeous. The brighter the better!

    And while you didn't ask about metal color, I will be the voice of dissent and say that I feel that a white metal makes a yellow stone stand out more, and yellow gold makes a white diamond (especially one not colorless, but not fancy yellow, either) look brighter to me. Yellow gold, in fact, often makes a warmer stone look whiter to me because the contrast makes the stone look brighter in comparison. But a fancy yellow diamond would really pop in a white metal, IMO.
  10. I have a girlfriend with a canary diamond engagement ring...it's gorgeous!! I drool over it every time i see her! And her's is set in either white gold or platinum (not sure). I think it looks perfect and couldn't imagine it in YG...so I say WG!
  11. I'm more comfortable with platinum myself and it's already set in platinum so I'd most likely leave the setting.
    It's classified by the GIA as natural fancy yellow so it's a lovely colour. My only fear is that every day it would get too much, if that makes any sense!
  12. well, since you have mentioned you specifically want to buy an antique, just go with what pleases you with that particular ring/setting. since it's not something you have in mind specifically, maybe just going around to different estate/antique shops you'll know once you see the right one, kwim?

    either way, good luck with your search and be sure to post pics when you find it.
  13. I think yellow diamonds can be gorgeous. their colors can vary. Unless you get fancy intense (which is not very affordable anyway) I think they go just find with many outfits and different colors.
    I think in an antique ring this would be lovely.
    Be sure you get papers stating that the yellow is natural.
  14. One of my best girlfriends has a yellow diamond engagement ring and she just loves it. She has had it for over 3 years now and has not grown tired of it at all. In fact, when she upgrades (planned for their 5 year anniversary), she intends on going with another yellow diamond just in a larger size.
  15. It's GIA certified as natural fancy yellow.
    It's just such a big purchase I am so nervous about getting it wrong!