Engagement ring... help... I'm so indecisive!

  1. Need advice on engagement ring question...

    I'm recently married... and my engagement ring is a 3.5 carat emerald flanked by two diamonds totaling about .5 carat. I wore it on my left hand (size 5) while we were engaged.

    I picked out a diamond 1/2 eternity wedding band... I decided that it would be too much bling to wear the two together so I had the engagement ring resized to fit my right hand (size 6.5 -- WAY bigger than my left). So I have been wearing them separately.

    But... I have tried them on together a couple of times recently, and even though the look is blingy, I am starting to think it looks really good! My husband agrees. I don't know what to do. Should I have the ring sized down again so that I can wear them together? Or keep them separate? I'm tired of getting it resized... lol! But I like the idea of being able to wear them together, as I think it looks more traditional.

    I know pictures would be the most helpful, but I don't have any at the moment... from my description though, what do you think? Would you wear them together or separately?

    Keep in mind too that I don't *always* wear the engagement ring... I go without it some days and just wear the diamond band alone. I'm fickle :smile:

    Thanks for any opinions!


    P.S. Edited to add: There *is* a picture of my engagement ring in the general engagement ring thread, although I doubt anyone will be motivated enough to go look for it... heehee.

    I'll try to post again in this thread later on to add pics of the rings separately versus together.
  2. post a link to the page your post is on for us!

    Yes, I think you should have it sized to fit your left finger ;)
    I'm sure they look great togther and if you ever want to go w/o the big engagement ring, you'll still have a nice band on.
  3. [​IMG]

    it was buried on there on page so I got it for you/others.
  4. Thank you! That's so nice of you :biggrin:
  5. I'd definately wear them together. It's very traditional and therefore I'd feel more comfortable doing it the "normal" way. And I also just happen to love the "two rings on one finger" look, whether for the left or right hand rings.

    By the way... that ring is absolutely gorgeous! :love:
  6. I would wear them together too, I think the diamonds will look really pretty sitting next to the emerald. =)
  7. Thank you! :shame:
  8. i'd wear them together.

  9. oooo la la, what ever you decide, that is one gorgeous ring.:smile:

  10. OH that would be beautiful. Wear them together!
  11. They would be better together.

    If you think it's too much with a particular outfit, leave the emeral behind or add more accessories to balance it out.
  12. I think you should wear them together! And on the days when you feel too much bling is inappropriate, you can just wear your wedding band.
  13. You should wear them together-I always wear my engagement ring and wedding band together (though, my wedding band is just plain gold). Wear them together-i think it would look great!
  14. Beautiful ring, be careful when you wear the emerald though - I chipped one of my emerald rings once, the stones are fragile.