Engagement ring for a man

  1. I'm gonna surprise my guy and propose to him on Leap Day next year when it's "allowed" hahahaha

    So come on girls, please help me find a nice ring for him, I got now till 29 Feb to organise this and erm how I am going to propose, should I get down on one knee?
  2. I think thats cool and modern. Its good to take the pressure off the guy for once (can you see that i have a bias opinion since i am a guy?) im sure many people will disagree and think only the make should propose, but i say whatever! Isnt it usually the wedding band that u buy when u propose to a guy? i like a simple brushed silver/wg/pat. band, I would prefer a stone but i don't know if he would, or your budget? woah you have ages to think anyway! good luck and congrats!
  3. Would he like platinum or yellow gold or white gold? I don't think a lot of stones would be nice looking on a man.
  4. theres a couple cute rings at tiffanys for men...check them out!!!

    hehe and its awesome for a girl to propose....haha btw its a million times cheaper!! hahah
  5. Yay! Good on you! I proposed to my BF and even though it wasn't a Leap Year, I think it still holds.... :smile:

    Do you have a special place you could take him? MY BF and I went for a walk and I asked him under a tree he had carved our intials into (poor tree) a few years before.

    Also, he didn't get an engagement ring, he got an engagement tattoo and will get a wedding ring. I, however, still got an engagement ring. ;)
  6. I think that's a great idea! And Shari, my fiance has my name tattooed on him! (Not in English tho lol)
  7. I am getting married next month and my fiancé decided on a tungsten carbide wedding band for himself. My fiancé is very active (he rides motorcycles for a living) so he needs a ring that can stand a lot of abuse.

    A little info about tungsten: Tungsten carbide rings are twice as hard as steel, four times harder than titanium and virtually unscratchable. For decades tungsten carbide has been used in mining, aerospace, and other industries that have required a metal that is extremely hard and long lasting. Watch makers were the first to begin using tungsten carbide in jewelry, making watch bands that would never scratch. Since then tungsten carbide has emerged as a serious competitor in the ring industry due to its resilience, strength, and beauty.

    I have attached a picture of a similar ring he picked out.

    Also the price is great for such a durable ring. Most of the tungsten rings we checked out were in the $300-$600 range.
    mens_wedding_ring4.gif 001.jpg
  8. I agree with tungsten carbide, or titanium.
  9. platinum or titanium is nice for a guy...what a great thought u have!! congrats in advance :smile:
  10. Good for you! Tiffany's has a sterling silver and titanium band ring for men that is really neat and sells for $325. You can get either black or grey titanium. I know this because my husband wants the black one for his right hand. Good luck and wow, you have a while to keep this a secret!
  11. i love these stories here:crybaby:, so romantic even though it's not the traditional thing. he got an engagement tattoo? on his finger??