Engagement ring choice

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  1. Hi everyone,
    This is my first time starting a thread but I wanted some advice please. My partner has asked that I pick out an engagement ring and I have narrowed it down to the following two. I am not a diamond stats girl I am focusing mainly on aesthetics at the moment. Which of the following would you choose?
    image-1189767155.jpg image-3868781012.jpg
  2. Solitaire. But which do YOU like?
  3. Wow, those are 2 extremely different rings!! Which one are you drawn towards more? I think your personal preference is the most important factor.

    Out of these, I'd vote for the solitaire because I love simplicity. My own ring is a solitaire.
  4. I agree with the rest, I vote solitaire.
  5. I originally only ever wanted a solitare for an engagement ring but I have been to look at the emerald cut at least 4 times now. I agree the simplicity of a solitare is gorgeous and will always be beautiful but worry it just won't look right on my hand.
  6. Maybe you can get a diamond wedding band? It will make everything a bit more sparklier but not over the top. But if you kept looking at the emerald cut, you should go for that one.
  7. What about an emerald cut solitaire?
  8. Now that is an idea! Why didn't I think of that!? I will have to go and look at some. Thank you.
  9. I have to second the Emerald cut solitare. I LOVE Emerald cut.
  10. I don't mean to be a PITA here, but if you are going to buy a solitaire, please take just a little time to educate yourself about diamond quality. It will show much more in a solitaire than in a different setting, and most especially in an emerald cut. Or at least ask about the 4 c's (even if you don't understand them) of the rings you try on and then compare them to see which looks better (sometimes that alone can demonstrate how important, say, a better cut can be).

    If it were me, I'd go solitaire with a diamond wedding band, but this is about YOU and what speaks to you. Never choose a ring you will wear for many, many years on the basis of what is popular! Congratulations on your upcoming engagement!
  11. yay! an EC solitaire will look amazing! Maybe you can get a simple pave band for some sparkle :smile:

    If you are drawn to the EC, go for it!
  12. There's a beautiful EC with a pave band in the engagement rings thread that could be good inspiration!
  13. From my experience I think you should pick the one you keep thinking about/going back to, having said that if you aren't 100%sure perhaps you should continue looking until you get "the" ring. For me, I just knew as soon as I tried mine on that it was "the" ring. .
    Out of the 2 rings you posted, I prefer the first.
    Good suggestions from people to try emerald solitaire though. I have an emerald cut with a smaller princess cut on either side.
  14. I like the thought of an emerald cut solitaire if that shape is the one that speaks to you, orotonlover. I have always felt like a solitaire is just so classic, and you can always change things up by switching between bands or maybe even trying a wrap if you find yourself getting bored with the solitaire.
  15. I agree that if you also planning to get a wedding band you should try them on together. If you prefer emerald cut with a little bling, how about an emerald cut with halo?